Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai is one of the all-time favorite destinations for tourists. It can be visited all around the year but if you’re visiting for a specific reason then knowing the ideal time for the visit can be of great help. If desert safari in Dubai is your major place of interest then the months of visit might be different than the month that a shopaholic would visit. Let’s have a look at some of the best time to visit Dubai as per the attractions:-

Best time to visit Dubai when the Hotel rates are cheap – During the Summers the rates of hotels are cheapest as compared to the other months. The temperature is too hot during these months.


The rates of hotels are dropped down to attract visitors with good deals and better rates. The most expensive time to visit Dubai is during the months ranging from December to February.

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Check here for some amazing and luxurious places to stay in Dubai and also Dubai is one of the major tourist attractions in the world and to make the most of your trip you must choose accomodations at one of the best locations. The details below would let you know of the best places to stay in Dubai:-

Burj Khalifa Location – It is one of the best well known location in Dubai. It is nestled in the renowned Downtown region adjacent to the Sheikh Zayed Road. In the close neighborhood of the massive Burj Khalifa lie various luxury hotels and all of them offer a stunning view of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa.

Also, opting for the location would keep you close to the Dubai Mall. Whenever you feel like you can take a stroll and reach the mall.

Dubai Marina Area – It is located to the south of the picturesque Jumeirah Beach lies the Dubai Marina District which is quite packed with high-rise establishments including the Princess Tower, the tallest residential building.

The location is close to both The Palm and Jumeirah Beach. One can reach it by a short drive.

The Palm Area – The Palm features several luxurious hotels if you desire to enjoy beautiful sea views.

While residing at this location you would require a car for transportation to reach other places of interest like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach or Dubai Downtown.

Best time to visit Dubai for sightseeing – Days from the second week of November to the first week of December are best for many tourist places in Dubai. The weather during this time is comfortable and tourism is at its peak.

Burj Khalifa

The time one must avoid for sightseeing is during the summers. This is the time when Dubai experiences scorching heat. It gets too tough to spend time outdoors.

As you are planning to visit the Burj Khalifa for the first time, you do not need any specific time to plan it. It is a 365-day spot for adoring the panoramic view of the Dubai city. Visit today or sometime later in your life, the view it offers is going to be as amazing and stunning as it is today. However, to get the best views, plan your visit here to the Burj Khalifa during its prime hours that i.e., at least an hour before the sun sets in Dubai. This is the time when you get a stunning view of Dubai city in all possible colors.  

Best time to visit Dubai for Shopping – Dubai is next to heaven for a shopaholic. The popular Dubai Shopping Festival is held here in January when items are offered at great discounts.

One can shop for items like electronics, jewelry, clothing, accessories, etc. The shopping extravaganza shopping discounts begin during the mid of July.

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Best time to visit Dubai for the Beaches – The months of April and May are ideal to visit the beaches of Dubai.

During the winters one feels too cold to step into the water. The heat makes it a good time to tanning and enjoying the cool waters of the Arabian Sea. You must check some skin care tips while travelling.

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