Best Way Put Grandstream Phones on Night Mode in 2021

Grandstream telephones can be easily put on night mode by following different ways. Speed dial keys can be pressed for enabling night mode. Moreover, the Grandstream UCM program can also be used for this purpose. Simple day and night switching mode can be enabled with the help of this program. An intuitive GUI is accountable for enabling a module of your own choice through automatic and manual ways. Go to the inbound route and press the edit key. You can select night mode when you are out of the office and on holidays.

Let’s discuss the best ways for putting Grandstream telephones on night mode:

1) Manual Night Mode:

Setting up inbound routes with the help of this way is quite efficient for consumers. It is a quite simpler method to press a button present on your phone system to switch from day to night module. It is the fastest and easiest way responsible for the quick response.

Manual Night Mode-findheadsets

In the case of Grandstream Phones, you can visit inbound routes and select an icon containing a blue box with the set global inbound mode at the top of the screen. You can turn the feature on and set the default. Additionally, feature codes for switching can also be set in this manner.

BLF extension for your phone can be fixed appropriately. Multiple modules can be enabled and leave at default according to the requirement of users. Star feature codes can be entered for switching between two module options. You have to make each minor change to go to the dark module manually.

2) Automatic Switching with Office and Holiday Time:

Manual changing modules task is quite complicated for people which can be simplified by making use of the automatic feature. The global inbound route can be turned on automatically in this manner. Time and date must be accurate on the phone in order to turn on the desired module automatically.

Automatic Switching with Office and Holiday Time-findheadsets

In the case of Grandstream Phones Manual, go to time settings and make sure that you have selected the correct time zone. Begin by setting your office time and holidays so that when you are not available in the office, holiday calls can be managed appropriately. Do not forget to click the blue save key at the top right corner of the screen.

Click the blue apply changes button after using the saving option. If the save option is not selected, changes will not restore. Users can save time by using the automatic switching feature. Adjustment of settings for different phones can be made in lesser time with the help of automatically modifying time settings.

3) Grandstream UCM Time Condition:

If the time of your system matches with your office time, calls are sent to the default destination. If time does not match or it is a holiday, it goes to the time condition destination. AT&T handsets are also accountable for switching multiple modes.

Grandstream UCM Time Condition-findheadsets

These handsets can be used to enable day or night modes for making their calling experience improved. Effective ways of call management can be introduced in this manner. You can make your default destination night mode. Default settings are adjusted to dark module or day mode as per the user’s demand.

Moreover, office time condition can be set to office time or holiday. Time conditions are adjusted with respect to night and day. Office timings are scheduled, and a holiday is also mentioned.

You are also allowed to make changes according to your desires. Settings regarding time can be modified by considering your office hours. Inbound route pages can also be visited to resolve your issues and problems regarding the setting.

In offices, this module is quite efficient in dealing with important calls by adjusting the time setting. The telephonic solution is provided to businesses in order to accomplish their tasks efficiently. Time conditions are mentioned by selecting a suitable time zone required to accomplish your tasks effectively.

4) UCM Inbound Route Selection:

Hit edit-key just under options for editing route on the screen. You can access the box for multiple inbound modes on an actual route. Select default night mode and save changes for their effective application by managing settings. IP PBXs provide control of your telephony with deep management aspects.

UCM Inbound Route Selection-findheadsets

This phone system serves as a unified communication control center with perfect audio calls. Video conferencing and other features like call recording, auto attendants, etc., can be used with dark modules as per the user’s desires.

Effective calling experience can be ensured for utilizing both office times and holidays in an appropriate manner. Control over received calls can be attained with the help of this feature. Your calls will go to the perfect location in such a manner.

Hours can be set to alter ways of dealing with calls for after-hours or holidays. The dark module has a good impact on your eyes, and calls can be managed as per the user’s choice. Incoming calls are managed by categorizing them between office hours and off times. A lot of users are taking advantage of this mode in terms of call efficiency.

All the above-mentioned ways can be used to put Grandstream Phones on Night Mode. Grandstream UCM is responsible for allowing users to do automatic switching with time and holiday settings.

Dark modules are enabled manually or automatically as per the user’s requirement. Inbound trunks for manual day and night switching with a button on the phone can be used for enabling night mode. Speed dial keys are also quite efficient in this regard.

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