CBD & Honey: How the combination of these two things can improve your health

The numerous health benefits of CBD have been confirmed after various researches revealed that indeed the cannabinoid can manage symptoms of various medical conditions, from pain to anxiety and even digestion. On the other hand, honey has been used from ancient times not just as a sweetener, but for other health benefits such as managing coughs and even as an antibiotic. Recent discoveries of CBD has left experts wondering how CBD infused honey can be beneficial to users.

Their curiosity was on point; a blend of CBD and honey has been found to bring about numerous beneficial characteristics that can guarantee optimum health to users. Back to the sweetness of CBD; pure CBD oil has an earthy or grassy taste. Some people don’t like the taste or flavor. Well, with CBD honey, this disappears. You will be enjoying honey without worrying about CBD’s taste. This is especially important for young children being introduced to CBD oil or even adults uncomfortable with pure CBD oil.

Good for digestion 

The choice of how anyone takes or uses either CBD or honey is personal. However, honey with CBD has been found to be an amazing delivery system of CBD. Unlike other carbohydrates, it is much easier to digest and absorb honey into the bloodstream. With the expedited delivery system, CBD easily finds its way into the bloodstream, enabling the user to feel the effects faster and longer when compared with other products. While honey pot farm honey cannot beat other forms of administering CBD such as vaping, it has been ranked among the best oral alternatives available. Furthermore, the effects last longer.

CBD honey can serve as an antioxidant

We are all exposed to lots of substances that our bodies don’t need. These free radicals can be from anywhere in the environment. If the body doesn’t get rid of them in time, they might cause some serious complications such as cancer and even heart diseases. The good news is that the combination of both honey and CBD can actually boost the antioxidant properties because it is a shared property. Using CBD infused honey might be all one needs to keep some diseases at bay. These properties are mostly found in vegetables and fruits.

Fight against bacteria and fungi 

It is scientifically proven that taking unprocessed honey can actually help kill bacteria and fungi. Do you know that honey is an amazing food preservative? The same properties are shared with CBD, which ensures that honey with CBD works even better in fighting these substances. Honey also has hydrogen peroxide that helps it fight fungi.

Can speed up healing of wounds

Have you been injured on any part of your body? You know how painful some accidents can be. If not properly attended to, a minor injury can turn out to be a nightmare for years. The good news is that CBD honey can actually expedite the healing process. One of the main therapeutic benefits of CBD is actually derived from this. While it is unclear how CBD can help manage medical conditions, studies show that it might be possible because of its ability to bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system of the body. This helps trigger speedy responses, kicking off the healing process.

Boosts immunity 

Honey is packed with phytonutrients. With the antifungal and antibacterial characteristics contained in CBD infused honey, then it becomes more effective fighting any foreign substances. This boosts the body’s ability to fight diseases, keeping it safer and healthy. People with low immunity are susceptible to all sorts of conditions because the body lacks the fighting power needed to keep disease-causing substances at bay.

Good for digestion and soothes sore throats

Are you experiencing indigestion or a bloated stomach? Depending on the food you consume, you may need to take hemp honey to not only speed up the digestion process, but also ensure that it’s done to the best. Honey is believed to be a great prebiotic, a characteristic that serves as a good intestinal bacteria. For many years, people have been using honey to soothe sore throats. These features are shared with CBD, which also boosts digestion as it optimizes the functioning of the digestive system in the body.

Different ways CBD infused honey can be consumed

The choice of how you take your honey with CBD is a rather personal matter. Both are dynamic and can be consumed in various ways. However, listed below are some of the most common and effective methods;

  • Lick it off a spoon and enjoy the sweetness of honey while benefiting from the therapeutic benefits of hemp honey.
  • Supercharge your baking with the CBD infused honey as a sweetener. Forget about cholesterol-rich sugar and enjoy the benefits of honey and CBD.
  • You can also apply it on bread instead of jam and other food preserves.
  • Use it as your favorite coffee or tea sweetener. With its low cholesterol levels, honey has been touted as the best alternative to sugar for diabetic patients and all those who don’t use sugar.
  • Make candies and gummies from home with honeypot farm honey.

There are unlimited ways to use CBD honey, both at home and in commercial settings. Things have become so simplified that you will find numerous recipes available for making different types of food. You can easily check out cooking and CBD websites for these guides. Sometimes, it is all about trial and error; take your time to try out new recipes. However, you must ensure that you go for the best quality CBD oil as well as unprocessed/raw honey. With the right ingredients, you will not face any problems preparing delicious CBD infused products of your choice to enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

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