13 reasons why the department rejects your CDSCO license application

Importing cosmetic products is a hard task. However, the difficulty begins before you even start importing the products, it start with the CDSCO Registration application filing process. It’s the elements and the mistakes made in this application that has left many applicants with no license, just a receipt of non-refundable processing fee. That’s why, it’s important to know the mistakes you can make filing the application.

How to know about those mistakes? It’s simple. Here are 13 reasons why the department rejects your CDSCO license application.

Reason number 1: Your covering letter

The first reason that gives the department a excuse to reject your application is the incompleteness of your covering letter. If the department doesn’t understand everything that you’re trying to accomplish through your covering letter, you don’t get the license.

Reason number 2: Your Form 42

If your application form has any discrepancy, the department rejects your applications. The discrepancies can range from incomplete address to missing documents.

Reason number 3: The Schedule D (III)

Understanding Schedule D (III) can be tricky for lay person. So, following are the reasons why the department rejects your application when there is an issue with your handling of schedule (III)

  1. If the details you’ve entered in the application doesn’t meet the requirements mentioned in schedule D (III),
  2. Among all the issues that can cause rejection, schedule D (III) discrepancies are the most common ones.

Reason number 4: Power of Attorney

When drafting a power of attorney, you cannot miss any detail. If you do, say like:

  1.  Missing the validity period of that document or
  2. There is some discrepancy in the name of the agent or the cosmetic , the department doesn’t waste time to bring your application procedure to a screeching halt.

Reason number 5: Fee issues

The fee issues that compels the CDSCO to reject your import registration application are as follows:

  1. If you forgot to attach the copy of the payment receipt you’ve paid to the department or,
  2. The amount you’ve submitted doesn’t meet the guidelines of the import of cosmetic registration

Reason number 6: Product composition data/ingredient list

The reasons related to product composition data because of which your application can be rejected are as follows:

  1. Wrong product ingredient details
  2. Missing concentration of the ingredients mentioned
  3. The concentration of ingredients is more than allows as per BIS limit.
  4. Composition contain substance that aren’t allowed in the product.
  5. The document containing the product composition detail isn’t duly signed by the competent authority.

Reason number 7: There is an issue with the Free Sale certificate

Free sale certificate is a difficult document to acquire.  The reasons that CDSCO rejects your application in case of issues with a free sale certificate are as follows:

  1. The country of origin hasn’t issues you the free sale certificate.
  2. You’ve not submitted the free sale certificate for all the products that you’re applying the CDSCO license application for.
  3. There is no mention of how long the certificate is valid.
  4. There is no clear indication in the free sale certificate that the products you’re applying for can be freely sold in the country of origin.
  5. No issuing authority has either stamped or attested the certificate.

Reason Number 8: Chemical information you’ve given for the cosmetics

The reasons regarding chemical composition that causes the department to reject your application are as follows:

  1. You’ve not submitted the testing protocol of the cosmetics
  2. The test report you’ve submitted shows the presence of heavy metals that are not approved by BIS.
  3. No competent QC person has signed the report.

Reason Number 9: Labels of the cosmetic products you’ve mentioned

The reasons related to labels that stops the CDSCO on its tracks and makes it reject your application are as follows:

  1. The labels that you’ve submitted are not in English language, or their print is smudged.
  2. There is no Batch no, Manufacturing No or License number mentioned on the manufacturing product.
  3. Labels that blatantly describe the functioning of the chemical involved.
  4. There is no mention of caution that the user must take when using the product.
  5. The document isn’t signed by someone competent.

Reason Number 10: Undertaking that heavy metals are not present

If you’ve submitted the wrong undertaking regarding the usage of heavy metals in your products, CDSCO rejects your CDSCO license application. Other reasons are as follow:

  1. The undertaking you’ve submitted isn’t in line with the BIS, D & Act.
  2. The undertaking doesn’t clearly state that you don’t use heavy metals or other toxic chemicals in your product.

Reason No 11: Manufacturing License

If you’ve not submitted the notarized copy of the manufacturing license, and that too when you’re importing the products in bulk for either relabeling and repackaging, your application faces rejection.

Reason No 12: Undertaking about animal testing

Just like undertaking about the non-use of toxic chemicals, if you’ve given an ambiguous statement that you haven’t tested the products on animals, your CDSCO license application is thrown out by the CDSCO.

Reason No 13:  Signature on the documents

If no qualified translator has signed the above mentioned documents, your application is rejected.


These 13 reasons can stop you from getting the CDSCO License. But they don’t have to. If you file your application correctly, with the help of CDSCO consultant, you won’t have to worry about rejection. So, take heed and remember that you don’t need to take the task of filing the application on your own. There are experts that you can pay a small amount to get it done.

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