Challenges Faced by Students Preparing for Government Exam

Government job! It’s not just the name of a job now. It is someone’s dream, someone’s need and someone’s only hope. Thousands of students every year appear for several government jobs.

Many students every year enrol themselves to prepare for various courses, but how many of them clear the exam? According to statistics, the numbers of students who clear the exams are significantly less.

When every student is preparing for the exam, then why not all the students can get good Sarkari Results? Is there something that holds them back? Well, whenever anyone prepares for a government job exam or any other exam, they are likely to face some issues, some challenges. In this article, we are going to discuss the challenges a student faces.

Change in Stream

Many students have read science all their lives, and now all of a sudden they switch their field of interest and adopt a stream which they have not read anything about in past 7 – 8 years. It becomes a difficult task for many learners to read subjects like economics, history, math, etc. after reading biology, anatomy and related subjects for years.

This is the reason why it takes years for some students to clear some government exams. They have to devote more concentration and more time in comparison to other students because they have to begin everything from scratch.

Family Support

Whenever you plan to do something new, family support is the most important thing, and the other thing that you need is patience and support from your loved ones. Preparing for the government job is like preparing yourself for a life in the maze where you don’t know when you are going to reach the end. You go on and on.

In all this frustration, when a person is too hard on themselves, they need someone to be there beside them to show some love in the darkness.

Many people are grateful to have parents who support them, take care of them, understand them and give them their share of time. Students with such an environment have more chances to clear the exam. On the other hand, some students barely have any support from their parents or loved ones. They become rebellious and join the race of people preparing for competitive exams. They suffer emotionally and mentally, feel more stressed, but they make it through because they have no option but to prove themselves.

Financial Challenges

People who dream are never afraid of chasing them. Many students are not doing financially well, yet managing somehow to pay their tuition fees, rents and book expense and other things.

Due to financial difficulty, not every student can pay hefty fee packages these coaching institutes demand. This is the reason; many students have to do self-study and prepare for the exam.

Note: If we see the statistics, many students who prepared the exam by doing self-study and never went to a coaching institute turn out to be the students who scored the maximum in the most challenging exam. However, they take time but turn out to be the best.

Societal Challenges

When we say rude words to a plant, it dies inside the soil and never blooms but if we say right words to the same plant which is just a seed right now will bloom in a few days into a healthy plant without even giving water and other essentials to it. Doesn’t it work the same way with humans?

Mere words can have a significant impact on a person’s mind. Your words can change many things for a person like if you say something motivating or something good to a person who is feeling low will suddenly start feeling positive about themselves.

People who are preparing for government exams face this thing a lot. If an aspirant doesn’t clear the examination in the first attempt, the society and relatives suddenly appear out of nowhere and start taunting the student and give foul looks. This behaviour usually demotivates the person. Some students don’t know how to deal with this negativity, so they take crucial steps to harm themselves and in an extreme case, commit suicide.

This is the problem in the youth of our country, and they are not able to take criticism. Those who master this thing, survive and survive for good.


These are some challenges faced by the aspirants preparing for a government job which are hard to deal with.

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