Continental tyres or Kumho Tires: Which One is the Best Pick?

Depending on whether you will be driving on a twisty road-racing circuit or a shabby road, a set of potential tires that would save you from every unexpected accident is all that you need. And of all other brands only Continental and Kumho tyre assure you to offer an excellent high-performance ride which no other brands offer, helping your car to translate its power advantage into cornering force and acceleration. Well, be it Continental or Kumho, each brand has something to offer and is special in its own way. So, if you are really confused about which one is better and which one to buy, this post is here to brief you about the qualities each brand has to offer you. And rest you can decide. Have a look! 

Continental tyres vs Kumho Tires Why Choose Continental Tyres? 

Continental tyre is not just the leading Malaysian brand that has made its strong presence across the world but has become one of the most trusted tyre brands in Dubai for being reliable, durable and a good quality product that is able to withstand pretty much everything that the road throws at them. So, when it comes to speaking about such brand and its pros, there are plenty. But what attracts most of the customers is that such tyres are able to provide them an improved mileage performance, fuel efficiency, retread ability, enhanced wet braking performances, high-density interlocking sipes, and increased cut resistance so that customers can experience better cornering stability in different weather conditions. Each tyre model has special features to offer.  And among them the most popular and widely used models are Hybrid HS3, Conti Hybrid HT3 and ContiUrban HA3 as, they are the only models to have an improved casing, greater steel cord strength for better sidewall robustness and re-tradability. The greater tread width is designed not only to suit urban buses that ply in the narrow streets but also to provide the driver up to 20% more mileage and 2% better fuel consumption. 

  • Why Kumho tires are so special? 

This brand which was established in 1960, is now ranked as one of the top ten tyre companies in the world and has successfully become the first choice for millions of car owners across the globe. There can be no better recommendation than this brand as the trust in Kumho Tyres runs deep. Brand as such defines itself through innovation and quality. Research and development centers located across Korea, Europe, China and the USA enable to lead the world with the latest tyre technology safety and performance. Whether you drive a passenger car, SUV, light commercial or heavy truck, this brand has a wide range of tyre products to fit almost any vehicle and specialist applications. Eco-Wing is one such new range of environmentally friendly product that is produced using the nano compound technology that not only provides people with lower rolling resistance, but also boost fuel efficiency by up to 10% and reduce CO2 emissions. Not just a regular ride, from green light to checkered flag, Kumho is proud to be closely aligned with Australian motor racing giving them supply of race and rally tyres with ultra-high-performance. 

  • The other side of such branded tyres! 

Despite having high-end pattern for better performance, even wear and superior heat endurance capacity, many people hesitate buying Continental and Kumho tyres because they are comparatively expensive than other brands. It’s known fact that buying an expensive tyres is more of an outlaySo, people often end up choosing the cheapest brands in the long run where they can save quite a few AED. But that’s wrong! Expensive brand is actually a clever purchase if you consider its performance and longevity, compared to a budget buy. There are more reasons to support this idea Manufacturers of such brands spend millions on researching and testing their products in order to make their tyres close to perfection by optimizing performance and constantly coming up with new and intuitive technology. They even employ chemists to help formulate the rubber compounds and find the right combination of ingredients for their tyres. 

But all thanks to many Continental and Kumho tire suppliers in Dubai, who provide such incredible brands at the best price for your vehicle. And one among them is ZDEGREEDespite so many suppliers and reputed tyre dealers, buying such brands from ZDEGREE is always recommendedAnd why is that so? It’s because they can’t be beaten on prices. They are so much confident with the pricing; they offer to their customers that they are ready to match the price on the spot, if you are able to show them an identical tire from competitors’ websites in the UAE at a lower price as compared to ZDEGREE. Be it Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, they are the principal tyre partner of not just these two brands but is known for keeping exclusive stock for all other brands such as Michelin, Hankook, Pirelli, Bridgestone Yokohama and much more. From providing you with A1 quality service to resolving your concerns regarding any car related problems, ZDEGREE’s skilled technicians are always happy to serve you the best as per your needs. So, from now on without any hesitation, shop for Continental and Kumho tyres from ZDEGREE store.  And if you prefer maintaining social distancing without visiting the store much, then no worries! Call up at 04 3105600 / 800 933 4733 or order car tyres online and get things delivered at your doorstep. From tire fitting, Wheel Balancing and air filling, to tire puncture repair, and car battery replacement, ZDEGREE offers the UAE’s leading mobile tire fitting service at your doorstep too and thustheir mobile vans are not just a tire delivery vehicle but a complete service station specially designed and equipped to serve your car tire needs. 

Continental CONTIPREMIUM CONTACT 2 vs Kumho Road Venture

Should you buy the Kumho Road Venture KL51 or the Continental CONTI PREMIUM CONTACT 2? Find out which tyre is better for you by comparing the two models’ prices, features, size, and other characteristics. The CONTI PREMIUM CONTACT 2 costs Rs 4800, while the Road Venture KL51 costs Rs 6782. CONTI PREMIUM CONTACT 2 has a user rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, based on 48 reviews. On the other hand, based on 38 customer reviews, Road Venture KL51 receives 3.89 stars.

Compare Continental CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT 2 and Kumho Road Venture KL51 Tyres – Price, Specs

  • Continental CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT 2Continental CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT 2 Rs4800View August Offers
  • Kumho Road Venture KL51Kumho Road Venture KL51Rs6782

Continental vs Kumho??

I drive a 2008 Cooper basic hardtop with steptronic transmission. My two front tyres will need to be replaced soon. They’re currently the standard Continental stock. Is it important that my front and back wheels be of different brands? Furthermore, because it is a front-wheel-drive vehicle. I’d like to obtain the best deal on longevity (tread).

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