Cost accountant: how to seriously choose the accountant without being dazzled by the prices

Choosing the right accountant is essential for any business. But how to evaluate the accountant cost? What parameters to use?

An aspect not to be underestimated when you want to start a new business, small or large, is the choice of the accountant. Very often, in fact, there is a need for a trusted person who can help untangle the increasingly complicated rules that regulate the economic activities of our country, and I am not referring only to tax rules, but to all the bureaucracy that often grips, in a more or less oppressive way depending on the type of business we are going to carry out.

The first fundamental aspect that I want to highlight is that a “good accountant” is not an “allologist”: in fact, it often happens that information is required that ranges in all fields, from legal-legal, to tax, to labor law: we keep in mind that the accountants are neither lawyers, notaries, nor labor consultants . The advice is therefore not to be wary, but to appreciate the professional who takes a moment before answering all your, certainly legitimate, questions.

Having said this, in choosing the professional to whom you want to entrust yourself, there are some parameters to evaluate, criteria which however do not have an absolute scope, but which must also be related to what are the needs and expectations.

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I refer, for example, to the location of the accountant’s office that you are going to choose: it can undoubtedly be an advantage to have a reference professional “at hand” who works in the area and who can more easily follow customers in certain practices at public offices or that he can receive them whenever they need them.

However, the requirement of closeness, which is fundamental for some, may not be so for others: to date most of the communications with the Revenue Agency, INPS and the Chamber of Commerce take place electronically, without therefore having to go to the offices in person, moreover very often correspondence with the customer can easily be carried out by telephone or all the better, by email.

Here, from this point of view it is certainly a fundamental aspect that the professional knows how to use the latest information communication technologies effectively and in a timely manner and can communicate easily, directly and quickly via email or via Skype.

Another important aspect to consider is the professional’s ability to communicate : from the first meeting it is necessary that a certain feeling is established between the client and the consultant and that at the end of the interview you have understood all that you have been told.

Then yes maybe that could be the right person! Clarity, and the attempt to explain in simple terms things that sometimes are not simple is far from easy: the person who is able to explain himself clearly and give practical examples to answer your doubts then could do your case. Never leave the interview and have the same or more doubts than before.

Finally, it is not only a question of cost, but also the price can affect the choice of the accountant.

Also on this point a piece of advice: surely having several estimates made is fundamental, but an effective comparison must be based on the same performances.

First of all, the costs for managing an accounting and related tax obligations vary according to the legal form chosen for your company: managing a sole proprietorship rather than a partnership or a joint-stock company involves different obligations and consequently different costs , how different is the cost of managing a simplified accounting or an ordinary accounting (the choice for ordinary accounting is mandatory for joint-stock companies, while it depends on the volume of business for sole proprietorships and partnerships).

The type of accounting management can significantly influence the cost of the accountant: what is important to underline is to compare the quotes that include the same services. In fact, it may happen to view an apparently low estimate, but which does not include all the mandatory obligations that are requested which are then invoiced separately, inevitably increasing the cost to be incurred.

So, pay attention to the accountant cost, but also to the number and quality of the services offered!

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