Creative Ideas to Work with Influencers

Influencers have drastically changed the face of digital marketing. While there was once a time when people only wanted to buy products because their favourite actor was doing its advertisement, the case has cartwheeled around completely.

The youth has shifted from watching the television to binge watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. Thus, all your influencing factors and inspirations come from these sources and are no longer connected to the television.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the social media platforms where we spend most of our waking day trying to get a hold of the world around us. We are no longer using these social media platforms to stay connected to our friends, but the purpose has changed dramatically. These social media platforms have become a way of life to us. More people are following influencers than actors.

Who are Influencers?

Influencers are normal people like you and me. However, they have taken to internet to do more than just being spectators. In fact, they have used the power of internet to become the spotlights which people come to watch.

You will find influencers everywhere, on all social media platforms, and in all fields of life. Whether you are looking at personal care, food, health, fitness, make-up, comedy, or work, you are bound to find certain people who are ruling the internet and others who are trying to reach that point.

These influencers really do have influencing powers. They have thousands of followers and each of those followers are there because they feel a connection to the influencer.

Why is Use Influencer Marketing?

If you are a brand trying to promote your products or services through the means of digital marketing, then we are just going to suggest you one single thing, go for influencers.

Influencers have totally moulded the way how once marketing was done, and we are not even going to the traditional means of advertisements. Even with digital marketing, influencer marketing is pretty new but undoubtedly super effective.

Before we get onto the creative ideas to work with influencers, let us first tell you some of the reasons why influencer marketing is gaining so much attention in the past few years:

  1. Influencers Build Trust –

Here is one simple logic – followers trust influencers. Thus, they indirectly will trust anything their trusted influencer is trusting. Hence, if an influencer is promoting your brand, their audience is more than likely to trust your brand as well.

  1. Easy to Find & Connect with –

The thing with high profile actors was, and still is that connecting them is a highly painful task, especially if you are a newer brand. The case is totally opposite with influencers. They are always there and you can get into talking terms with then through their widely used medium.

  1. They Actually Generate Revenue –

Influencers actually do have the power to generate revenue for your brand, or when said in business terms, they provide with a better ROI (Return on Investment) when compared to stars.

Influencers have diligent followers and if your products or services are truly as good as people expect them to be, then people will return to you without the influencer having to promote you again.

  1. Cost Effective –

This one is pretty obvious. There are three categories you can choose from – celebrities (which obviously are the biggest influencers), macro influencers (which are super well established influencers and charge a little more), and micro influencers (influencers that have not yet reached the same level of followers as macro influencers).

Depending on your budget, you can choose either of these.

What are the creative Ideas to Work with Influencers?

Promoting your brand via influencers is never going to be boring. The main reason for this is because they make of use of creative ways to come around to promote your brand.

If you too are all set on the wagon named influencer marketing, then this is how you can creatively promote your brand:

  1. Send them Free Samples –

Oh so often we have heard of this (and secretly felt jealous). Influencers receive free samples all the time and to show their gratitude for the same, they put of posts (pictures or videos) of them along with a description of their gift.

Now, your sample cannot be just your products. It has to have more than that. Give them a little insight into your products and brand so that they can take cues from it and surround their content and post around your provided information. Make sure your chosen influencer is somebody who is in the same influencing lines as your brand.


  1. Reviews via Post –

A classic way of promoting that a brand through influencer marketing is posting reviews on posts.

These reviews can be about anything. Maybe about how good your product is, its ingredients, how it affects you, the packing, the delivery, a personal touch or simply anything that they feel will be liked by their (which is also your) target audience.

For instance if you are teaming up with a fitness influencer, they could review your protein bars, shakes, shakers, how it effects your body, and everything that makes your stand apart from your competitors.

  1. Launch a Product With Them –

Influencers are a brand themselves. If you are looking to make maximum utilization of their popularity and audience that meticulously follows them, and you have an option of launching a product with them.

This, however, will work more efficiently with macro influencers because they certainly have a broader fan base. Launching a product in collaboration with an influencer will make their followers trust that product a little more because the influencer will no longer be promoting just a product, it will be their product.

  1. Sponsor a Retreat for Them –

Imagine you being a holiday resort and the holiday season is just about to hit the coast. You would want more people to come to you rather than going to your competitor.

In such a case, you can collaborate with a travel influencer, a wandering soul because people actually do take inspiration from their favourite in influencer. Sponsor a retreat for them at your place and let them show off your beautiful property through their posts and videos. This can act as a subtle act as well.

  1. Promo Codes –

You must have seen ample number of times that influencers post a promo code inspired on their name. This way you are basically tempting your target audience to steal that same look as their desired influencer, that too at a discounted price.

Promo codes truly do work better than most other creative ideas to work with influencers.


The influencer industry is a big hit and unstoppably growing every day. People are crazy after their most loved influencers and some literally take each word seriously, maybe you should take a look at the make-up influencers, they are significantly shifting the way a girl uses make-up, which was previously thought to be done by professionals only.

Thus, you brand can be the new talk of the town with the right kind of influencer marketing.

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