Cyber Intelligent Solution has launched the food ordering app

Cyber Intelligent solution is proud to announce the release of the “food ordering app.” Food app is a cloud-based solution for restaurants to fulfill the needs of this digital era where people want everything, even food, by a single click. It has a wide range of modules that facilitate both the restaurant and its buyers. As it is a cloud-based system so, users can access from anywhere at any-time through their login details.

The food ordering app converts restaurants into digital restaurants. So, restaurants can be available to their customers at any time. The app also enhances the productivity of the restaurant and improve the administration. The system is multi-user and also can handle multiple branches. The application will manage all activities regarding management from the order placement of a customer to the food delivery.

Technology is rising with every passing moment. So, people want all things on a single click in every field. So to achieve the needs of this era, the food ordering app is an essential element for any restaurant, hotel, or cafe. Restaurants of all developed countries like the USA, UAE, Canada, Italy, and Spain are using the online food ordering system to be successful restaurants, among others.

App Features

The most important feature which will play a vital role in the success of your restaurant is reports and analytics. We create a powerful tool to generate reports to improve business through better decisions. The app we create has two ends one for customers and one for the restaurant’s management. We use reliable on-demand food delivery app development platforms to assure that we create the best online food ordering apps that will boost your sales.

The Launched food delivery app is one of the leading application in the market in the following terms:

  • Easy ordering process
  • Efficient order management
  • Monitor real-time expenses
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Cheap Marketing
  • Customer data
  • Menu management
  • Inventory management
  • Online payment gateways
  • Automated reports system
  • Admin portal
  • Customer care
  • Bills generation
  • Greater reach to the targeted audience
  • Stay competed
  • 24×7 availability to customers

Moreover, the food delivery app is reliable, efficient, and easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Everything can be calculated automatically, such as order, delivery, customer’s location, inventory, etc. Food app is a perfect choice to remove the mess of paperwork, fulfill the demands of customers, and for comprehensive administration.

About Cyber Intelligent Solution:

Cyber Intelligent Solutions (CIS) is a company that is providing the best e-business solutions for almost 11 years. Having the head office in Lahore Pakistan. CIS is playing a vital role in making businesses more digitalize in Pakistan and whole over the world. CIS does not only focus on designing software but also focuses on optimal results.

Valued organizations from Pakistan and other corners of the world are trusting Cyber Intelligent Solutions because they meet the needs of the customer. Their food ordering app is one of those products which are trusted by several well-recognized restaurants.

A team of highly talented minds that are making excellent performance from years is ready to assist you by providing e-solutions based on advanced terminals and next-generation technologies.

So, are you looking for a food delivery application for your restaurant? Then why are you? Contact us we will be right here to you with the best food ordering app development solutions to convert your idea into reality. We will help you in adding the exact flavor in-app as you need.

We provide the out of box technology features that help firms to touch the peak of the sky. We carry your ideas and convert them into a demand unique solution. We deliver a fully integrated solution with a customized user-interface, powerful admin dashboard, and advanced analytics panel.

Don’t miss any customer, contact us to launch your food ordering app by Phone Call, Email, WhatsApp, or by filling the form below. We would love to speak to you.

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