Delicious Eateries in Glen Burnie MD

Food has always been one of the best ways to gather people around. The most wholesome conversation you ever had often took place around the dinner table. Strong bonds and long-lasting relationships were created around a great meal and everyone could relate to some awesome memory in their life that happened around food.

Food means pleasure and every city has its own way of highlighting its culture through the food they bring to the table. The state of Maryland is not different in that regard and if you ever had the opportunity to travel to one of Baltimore’s suburbs you will be amazed to see how great the food scene really is. You will be greeted with some of the most delicious eateries and your journey starts with the city of Glen Burnie Maryland.

Glen Burnie MD might not impress you in size but it definitely has a way of impressing with their culinary scene. There are so many great restaurants around to choose from that even the pickiest eater can find something to munch on. Here is a list of some of the most delicious eateries in Glen Burnie MD.

The Grill at Quarterfield Station

grilled black angus

One of the most beloved restaurants in Glen Burnie Maryland is the Grill at Quarterfield Station. The restaurant specializes in American cuisine and its menu covers breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. The Grill offers vegetarian-friendly options, vegan, and gluten-free options and there is something to be enjoyed by everyone here.

The staff here is very friendly and attentive, ready to answer any of your questions regarding the menu, the restaurant, and the way they prepare the food. Also, the dining area is very inviting and you feel welcome each time you step in. 

If you like crab you have to try their Crab cakes that come on a brioche bun with tartar sauce on the side for only $13.50. You can also choose to go for one of their Clubs such as the Chicken or the Hawaiian Club which comes with smoked turkey or ham and pineapple for that Hawaiian twist for $9.50. Salads with shrimp, chicken, and sirloin are available, and let’s not forget about the classic All American Burger with french fries for just $9.

Arturo’s Trattoria

pasta italian cuisine

Some of the best neighborhoods in Glen Burnie MD, scale-up thanks to the great restaurants that populate the area. One such place that really hangs too high standards when it comes to Italian cuisine is Arturo’s Trattoria. If you want to have a taste of authentic Italian and Mediterranean food then this is the place to go to.

As soon as you step into the dining room you are greeted with beautiful decor that feels fancy and inviting at the same time. The service is impeccable and the staff is highly professional and very courteous. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and the variety of their menu gives you plenty of options to choose from.

They serve a variety of pasta dishes, and some of them include homemade pappardelle pasta with ground wild boar and tomato ragu sauce, fresh clams in garlic olive oil with a white wine sauce, and linguine pasta or fresh fettuccine pasta with Italian bacon and tomato sauce. For meat dishes, you can go with Veal, Beef, Lamb, or Chicken but they have fish on the menu as well. Some of the options are grilled veal chop topped with sauteed mushrooms and white wine sauce, grilled beef tenderloin with peppercorn and brandy sauce, or sauteed chicken breast with sliced tomatoes, asparagus, and smoked Scamorza cheese with a white sauce.

All their pasta dishes are about 18 USD and their most expensive meat-based dishes can be anywhere between 20 to 45 USD.

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

mexican feast served

Some cuisines are unique in their own way, and all of them are able to bring food that is unique and satisfying to the dining table. I don’t know about you but, I have a soft spot for Mexican food and if you are in the same boat, then Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant is the place for you.

The almost rustic dining room with decorative elements, oak dining tables, and chairs makes you feel like you are dining with the Royal family. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and it has a menu that is based on Mexican, Southwestern, and Latin cuisine. 

This restaurant is a local favorite, and the menu was a big hit amongst locals and tourists. Their menu items include quesadillas, salads, nachos dips, burritos, enchiladas, chicken fajitas and many others. The variety of their menu is mind-blowing and the bold flavors really give you a good idea of what Mexican food is all about. Not to mention that they make fresh guacamole right at the table, so you can really enjoy the full experience.

Willy’s Kitchen

american breakfast

We all love a hearty breakfast and a great cup of coffee to start our day strong and stay positive throughout the day. Having a great place nearby where you can enjoy some of your favorite breakfast items is truly a lifesaver for many people. Fortunately Glen Burnie Maryland has Willy’s Kitchen, a place where you can have one of the best breakfast in town.

The Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch, but breakfast is the real reason why this place shines. You can have a wholesome breakfast and order a short stack of buttermilk pancakes, and top them with savory toppings such as sausage and eggs or make it sweet and top it with seasonal fruit and whipped cream.

Have a banana nut french toast for $7 or a stuffed french toast with bavarian cream and topped with warm pie filling for 9$. You can opt for the waffle spread or the Belgian waffles, or you can go for the classic breakfasts such as biscuits and gravy or omelets with your choice of ingredients while all this is under $10. These are just a handful of what is laid out on their menu so don’t forget to try out their food and enjoy the experience.


The city of Glen Burnie MD is special in many ways and not many places around can enjoy a food scene as rich as the one you can find here in the suburbs of Baltimore. The variety of foods and cuisines that are available in the area is something truly stunning and you can really experience the authentic foods around the world in some of the restaurants laid in Glen Burnie MD. This shows that the restaurants uphold high standards and focus on the quality of ingredients in order to deliver the best culinary experience to the customer, and therefore creating some of the most delicious eateries in Glen Burnie MD.

If you care to be part of this community and enjoy all that it has to offer in terms of food and quality of life, contact one of the best real estate agents in Glen Burnie Maryland in order to find a home in the area and relocate to this beautiful city.

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