Dental Aligners Or Braces: Which One Will You Choose?

Cost of traditional braces vs Invisalign

Even after wearing the braces for more than 2 years, you are long to wish to obtain a much straighter and beautiful smile? Then orthodontic treatment is the right one to select for you, as it is considered the effective one to help you to achieve healthy, beautiful and even smile.

Different types of orthodontic treatments including braces are widely popular and accepted amongst both adults and children. As per the statistics of the British Orthodontic Society, about 1 million people undergo this orthodontic treatment every year throughout the country. 

And most interestingly, half of the individuals among them are adults. So, it can be concluded that a large percentage of people want to attain an impressive smile and enhance both their professional and personal lives. Luckily, today’s orthodontics has undergone a wide number of advancements and innovations so that your issue can be treated with great quality and care.

Even technologies have experienced a lot of changes and hence your orthodontic problem can be fixed within a few weeks even without getting noticed or knowing by anyone during the long teeth straightening treatment period.  

Available options to fix the crooked teeth or incorrect bite

Most dental clinics offer clear of invisible braces, 6-month smile and Invisalign simultaneously. Is it confusing for you to choose the right one for your dental issue? It is quite normal just because of the availability of a number of orthodontic solutions for varied dental issues.

Visit our clinic at Dental Clinic London and select the most appropriate dental solution for your issue. Our experienced team of orthodontists will assist you in choosing the right one which will give you the desired result within a short span of time.

Even there is nothing to worry about the train track braces as we facilitate you with our customized option that will perfectly match your lifestyle and dental needs. With our customized braces you can improve your smile in just a few months. To know more about our dental services and practices, contact our team.       

Get a detailed look of orthodontics

Orthodontics is the best option or dental practice for correcting the misaligned bites or teeth with the help of transparent braces. Orthodontic braces (commonly called ‘braces’ or ‘dental braces’) are the most effective in straightening the irregularly aligned teeth.

Nowadays, clear braces and best Invisalign in London are widely accepted for its transparency and fixing the position of the misaligned teeth remarkably in less than 6-week for most of its cases. Apart from these, a variety of options are there available for teeth straightening and somehow all of these are highly beneficial for the patients out there.  

Some impeccable advantages of braces

Orthodontics gives the assurance of a healthy and beautiful smile. Braces possess the ability to straighten a number of dental problems. It includes correcting jaw position, under-bites, overbites, and crowded or crooked teeth in an efficient way. It is also reliable in correcting the tooth position which leads to associated dental disorders, jaw joint issues, and TMD.

If you are suffering from misaligned teeth or crossbite, braces can be your ultimate solution as it will help you to get rid of the discomfort during eating and build-up of decay that may end up with gum or periodontal disease and tooth decay.    

Options available for teeth straightening

At Dental Clinic London, you can get many orthodontic treatment options for both children and adults as well. It includes a 6-month smile and Invisalign respectively, but which one will you choose for fixing your dental problem is entirely up to you! Every orthodontic brace available at our clinic is custom made and specifically designed so that it can fit the form and shape of the teeth perfectly.

These are designed in the highly-equipped laboratory dedicated to manufacturing orthodontic appliances only. Several orthodontic appliances including invisible braces in London and a 6-month smile are removable and clear. Therefore, you can take them off as your wish during attending a special occasion and party, eating, drinking and speaking. 

As these are mainly developed of thin material and nearly invisible, it will not interfere in your everyday life and daily chores. Clear braces can be the best option for those adults who have put off the decision of straightening their teeth due to the metallic braces and awkward traditional brackets.

In some cases, patients are advised to wear retainers for a fixed time period on completion of the treatment to cut off the additional treatment cost. Even it acts great as the prevention of relapse.

6-month smile is basically short-term orthodontic solution that ensures safe, painless and rapid teeth straightening procedure.

On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are ideal in transforming the smile without creating any nuisances in your daily activities and lifestyle. It is efficient for treating a number of orthodontic issues such as overbite, under-bite, crowding, cross-bite and spacing.

You can get in touch with us to talk with our team to know which orthodontic treatment solution is perfect for you or your kid’s dental issue. Schedule your appointment today to visit us and undergo an extensive examination of your dental and oral condition.     

For how long will the orthodontic treatment last?

Generally, orthodontic treatment consumes a minimum 6-week and maximum of two years to fix your dental issue. It is depended on the severity and how much complex your dental issue is! You must visit our dental clinic to select the right dental treatment option on consulting with our dentists. Furthermore, you will be offered the estimated time duration of the treatment by your dentist at the same time.

What is the age limit to get the braces?

Orthodontic treatments can get succeeded anytime despite the age of the individual. Braces get easily fitted to the mouth of the patients of varied ages to maintain their healthy teeth and gums.

Basically, it is widely popular and accepted amongst the adults as it is effective in minor teeth issues within a short span of time. Improvisation of the smile is possible with the removable, clear or invisible braces in just 6-month.   

On visiting our clinic at Dental Clinic London, you have to discuss your dental concerns with our dentists so that you can get the appropriate solution. Moreover, you will be provided estimation for the total expense and time can be consumed to perform the treatment. Even a written plan for the entire treatment procedure is also offered at the same time.