Difference between Laravel and Symfony PHP framework 2019

There are three major PHP framework is providing services to their users but due to these three different options in PHP, users always have been confusing to choose the best PHP framework among all.

Because you are reading this blog, I am assuming that you also have the same confusion, but you don’t worry because now msginfosys is here to assist you.

Before going to the deep water of technical specifications, an overview of Symfony and Laravel pool is important.

Symfony Framework

is the toolbox for the developer where a developer has a free hand for experiment with 30 components of RAD(Rapid application development) environment where a developer can make a scalable application with a vast variety of functions.

Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework is a free, open-source PHP web framework, made by Taylor Otwell also known as “PHP framework for Web Artisans” is the most popular framework. The striking feature of Laravel is that many hosting companies provide hosting service for Laravel application just because of its popularity. Hence, it is same as Maruti in India, so there is no problem of guidance and service for the Laravel framework.

The installation process

The installation process of Laravel is easier as compared to Symfony because the composer is crucial for Symphony but Laravel can be installed through Laravel Installer. Moreover, the Laravel installation guide is the complete kit for Installation.

Development of application

Development of application in PHP framework is very fast as most of the customers want their application ready in short span of time, it can be possible through both Symfony and Laravel but for the new users, 

Laravel has an edge because there are many tutorials and blogs are available for Laravel application which makes an easy to use for customers.

Conclusively, in the battle between Laravel and Symfony framework, Laravel is the winner because of the excellent community base along with tons of tutorials. Therefore, Laravel is the shinning stars in front of others. If still, you are into any confusion, we are best the larval development company in India will happy to assist you.

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