Digital Acceleration in Education Domain in 2021 & later

Digital Acceleration in Education Domain in 2021 & later

The education system is improvising day by day after the adoption of the technology. To solve the glitches that are coming at the traditional education system, there has been revamped and digitalized technology that is enhancing the education sector and enhancing the teaching and learning experience. The traditional teaching method had various glitches that were confronting by learners and tutors. For resolving those problems, communicating with teachers, learning through games and quizzes, and doing classwork online, e-learning apps have revolutionized the way students were seeking knowledge; tutors were seeking while teaching.

Here, know the effect of technology in the education domain and see the various changes this particular industry faces.

Digital Acceleration in Education Domain

The teaching area has consistently been at the cutting edge of progress and change. In more than one manner, mobile innovations have assumed the part of distinct advantage in instructive areas.

In a conventional instructive setting, the learning component and tools follow a proper direction made for all students. But, interestingly, mobile learning apps can be profoundly customized by tending to students’ particular adapting needs and abilities. 

Stats & Figures

Downloads Count of Educational App from 1st quarter 2017 to 1st quarter 2020

Download Stats
  • Apple App Store had 470 million educational app downloads
  • 466 million educational apps via Google Play

Problems that traditional learning was facing: 

Here find the various drawbacks that the education industry was facing during traditional teaching. Then, here, mentioned some reasons why digital acceleration is a much-needed step in the educational domain. 

Offline Record maintenance

The traditional approach of teaching and learning was quite hard to manage. Due to the lack of technical touch, all the records of students, teachers, classrooms, academic and other related records were very tough to maintain. As a result, all the records were used to maintain manually on the papers, which caused a lot of effort, paper wastage, and time wastage.

When the education sector has adopted mobile app development as their product development, maintaining records becomes much more accessible.

Lack of study material

As the approach was traditional, there was limited studies material: notes, books, magazines etc. Still, after the availability of technology, learning has become online. Through mobile apps, everyone can get an ample amount of learning material that is much interesting in forms- videos, PPTs, digital notes, video lectures etc.


Traditional learning has several disadvantages; connectivity is one of them. In traditional learning, there was a lack of connectivity, as students and tutors had several issues in connecting. For example, if a teacher goes on leave, the student cannot connect with their teachers.

And now, when the teaching is going online, connectivity has become much easy.

Unavailability of the solutions

There was a lack of solutions in the traditional learning method, as students only relied on the classroom lectures and notes. Therefore, they had not any extra learning solutions where they could get much knowledge.

What solution digital learning is paying to the era: Features

The provisions you, at last, decide to remember for your schooling app will rely upon who you’re focusing on. We’ve recorded a scope of critical elements to consider as you enter the development stages. Some might oblige instructors, while others are more student situated. In any case, the elements beneath can be very invaluable for students and educators. Investigate: 

– A complete online solution to onboard the colleges with the staff, faculty & students

– Subject wise notes, study materials, question banks & many more

– Easy to connect with the students, faculty and staff.

– Join global communities and see the expert advice and the opinion of other students subject wise

– In-depth performance analysis

– Easily accessible anytime, anywhere

– Equipped for all-level competitive exams

– 24*7 Availability

Question/Answer Module:

A more clear decision, question-answer modules are incredible for test prep and examining. Students can sign in before a test and go through a progression of inquiries. Then, at that point, you have the alternative to add grants and identifications to energize students.

Level Settings: 

Necessary for the inquiry/answer include over, the app ought to permit clients to set a trouble level, not exhaust the understudy with simple inquiries and lose their consideration.

Teacher/Student Messaging:

For general inquiries after school, informing features is an excellent method to permit students and educators to convey off-grounds. Whether students need additional assistance or guardians have an inquiry, texting can make correspondence speedy and simple.


For more young students who are yet figuring out how to peruse, discourse or portrayal components can help the students get what is being inquired. This can be particularly useful for students learning English as a subsequent language or any student essentially learning a subsequent language.

Classroom Management Notes: 

These are fantastical elements for instructors. Regardless of whether they need to check truants, late students, or make notes on conduct, the executive’s notes are an excellent method to do as such. Also, they can be utilized close by different components like storage and updates.

Elaborated Solutions that e-learning is paying:

Here find the elaborated solutions that digital learning- e-learning providing to the educational industries and how it changes the faces business:

Solution 1

Add colleges, students & faculty and let them use the platform easily.

Solution 2

You can choose the subject/classes/specialities while enrolling to see the study material according to the chosen subject/classes.

Solution 3

It’s easy to watch the online lecture and attend them on time with the option of watch later that helps you to cover up what is missed. 

Solution 4

You can find all the study material, Notes, question bank and information in one place, so you don’t have to worry at all.

Solution 5

With the help of our global communities, e-learning gives them the freedom to the students and faculty to join the group and share their opinions.

Solution 6

Educational apps have Increased speed, and due to the availability of internet access, these apps can cut down many of the geographic problems that disadvantage poor or backward students.

Solution 7

Those learning resources available on the educational apps are equally accessible to all schools, faculty & students.

Solution 8

With the help of educational apps, students/teachers can access online videos that provide instruction on various topics at various skill levels and participate in real-time video conferences with teachers or tutors located anywhere.

Solution 9

Advances in AI technology now allow teachers to differentiate instruction, providing extra support and developmentally appropriate material to students whose knowledge and skill is far below or above grade level norms.

Solution 10

Digital products cannot only assess a student’s current weaknesses but also diagnose why students are making specific errors. With the help of educational apps, student can analyse their subject-wise knowledge, results and weakness and also can make them under improvement section.

Solution 11

Education apps could enable teachers to reach better students from the average within their classroom, potentially benefiting students with weaker academic preparation.

Solution 12

Educational apps are not limited to any geographical boundaries but can be accessed from any corner of the region. The seekers and the tutors have no boundries, they can render the teaching materials, classes and schedules from anywhere, anytime.

Solution 13

Education apps consist of test series, video lectures, elaborated notes, mock tests, and other competitive exam materials that can access the digital platform to hit the exam score.

Solution 14

There is no limited time to access learning material; learners and seekers can get access round the clock. Along with getting the learning materials 24*7, learners can raise any doubt on the platform and can get the solutions.


Those entities who are indulged in the education industry can opt the digital platforms to run their educational institutions. For example, if you are running an institutions, school, coaching or any educational entity, providing a digital platform and digital acceleration in the process can give your education institute a huge hike. If you are looking to build a feature-rich e-learning solution,  consider the top education app development company that have experienced in developing the best educational apps and have the feature-loaded education mobile app.

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