Distance to Ranthambore National Park Safari from Jaipur

Ranthombore National Park Safari


Travelling around the world is the fun part of everyone’s life and loved by all. This article exactly suggests you or acknowledge about the distance to Ranthombore national park from neighbouring cities. Travelling to Rajasthan nowadays is the best tour one can plan to explore new things. And do you know that what the best part of this tour is? That, here you can enjoy the Ranthombore national park safari which is not so far from any city across the Rajasthan. know the Distance to Ranthambore National Park Safari from Jaipur

The closest town and railway station is Sawai Madhopur, 11 km away. The gap between Jaipur and Ranthambore National Park is 130 km away. The road distance is 166.4 Km. Ranthambore National Park is interconnected to all major cities in India, the fastest way to get to this park is by taking a train to Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, which links cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi.

 Distances and Routes to Ranthambore national park from Jaipur and various cities

 By Air:-Jaipur is the nearest airport which is well connected to all the metro cities. The distance between Jaipur to Ranthambore is 180 km also regular flights are available for Jaipur from metro cities. The tourists can take direct taxi to Jaipur airport and reach Ranthambore Safely.

 By Rail:-The Sawai Madhoupur railway station is located at a distance of 10km from the Park. The tourist can avail local bus, taxi or cab to reach the Ranthambore safely.

 Delhi: – You can travel by road and distances reduce to 380km you can cover it in 6.5 hours. You can book a train ticket and the nearest station is Sawai Madhopur and the time taken by these trains approx 8-9 hours. You can also book a flight from Delhi to Jaipur and it remains convenient too and it takes 1 hour approx.

 Jaipur :- The distance from Jaipur to Ranthambore is around 200km by road. You can book a train ticket and it will make you reach in 2.5 – 4 hours. The nearest station is Sawai Madhopur.

 Agra: – The distance between Agra to Ranthambore is 290 Km. the time taken to travel by train is 3- 6 hours. The flight can be easily booked from Agra to Jaipur

 By Road:-  Ranthambore is well interconnected to all major cities and towns by public bus service and can be reached by private vehicles and taxis. Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Ajmer, and Jodhpur these cities are the nearest and can be easily travelled to Ranthambore.

Delhi To Ranthambore :  381 Km
Jaipur to Ranthambore :  180 Km
Udaipur to Ranthambore :  388Km
Agra To Ranthambore :  239Km
Bharatpur to Ranthambore :  202 Km
Ahmedabad To Ranthambore :  640 Km
Mumbai To Ranthambore :  1031 Km


Travelling around the India is quite easy these days and all thanks to various modes of transport available frequently and conveniently. For nature and adventurous lovers booking a trip to Ranthambore national park safari is like your dream is completed.

Things to do in Ranthambore

Spot the Tiger – Most of the people visit here to see the Tigers roaming freely in Jungle. It one of the best tiger reserve and offer perfect place to spot Bengal tigers.

Hiking up to Ranthambore Fort- This is perfect place for adventurous activity hiking to the historical fort located in ranthambore forest surrounding with amazing nature and you can spot the eagles. And this place is beautiful gift for photo shoot lover.

Bird watching – Yes this is also an important activity for spotting the rare birds. Here you can watch some beautiful birds on some spots Malik Talao, Rajbagh Talao, and Jhalra area. Just walk to the park and watch Indian courser, pipits, Finches, Indian skimmer etc.

Jungle Safari- Most attractive activity is jungle safari thousands of visitors come here for this jungle safari and books seats for gypsy and the canter. There are 10 zones in this forest and you can select. Here you can explore the beauty of jungle and nature and spot the tigers and many sightseeing’s by full or half day jungle safari.

Kachida Valley- its located in outskirts of park famous for spot the bears and panthers , flora and fauna amazing experience of wildlife

Apart from these activities Ranthambore is also famous for many other thing once you visit there you will be satisfied that you didn’t waste your holidays.

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