Do You Know How To Use Old Halloween Costumes, Wigs & Cosplay Wigs On April Fool Day 2020

Back in 1700, the English pranksters had commenced this funny tradition by gaming sober and spooky quirks. April fool day is the much-awaited day after Halloween to play pranks. Just like Halloween, you can wear whatever you desire on April Fool Day. You can try using your old Halloween costumes for April fool spoofs. 

Even if you don’t wish to repeat the costumes or wigs, you are just one decision away from rebooting your possessions. By re-molding the attire, you won’t only save on decided budget, but you will choose to go eco-friendly, too, as you will smartly make optimum utilization of accessible resources.

Some horrifying creepy yet cheap Halloween costumes

  • Slay as a nurse – Wish to be the best prankster on April Fool’s day? Then you can prank your friends as a nurse. To deck up like a nurse, all you need is an old white coat, clinical mask, and clinical hat. You can complete your look by soaking yourself in red paint that looks like blood and carries a knife to make it more realistic.
  • Dead bride – Living brides are too monotonous. You can add a little fun by pranking your friends by getting ready as a dead bride. You can pick up any old white dress from the closet; add gloves and heels to look like an aesthetic bride. Make sure you draw a red line over the throat that looks like a break-off. By adding a bouquet of dead flowers, you will look like a real dead bride.
  • Devil – Halloween costumes are majorly designed for vampire looks as many people opt for a scary look for the eve. You can use the same ensemble and revamp the look by adding a cape or executing a scary makeup. The vampire prank will be easy to do as your ensemble will already be ready with you.
  • Beauty bunny – A beasty bunny or an evil bunny look will scare your friends on the April fool day. Your bunny ears and that cute bunny costume will make you look like a cute little devil prankster. The look will be best for those who wish to look attractive and naughty at the same time.
  • Wicked witch – This costume is ideal for bold pranksters who wish to create a terrifying as well as an iconic look. The look won’t let you miss the Halloween eve, to look different then Halloween you have to paint yourself green and wear a black hat.
  • Killer homemaker – Pick up any robe from your wardrobe and put a blood sprayed apron over it and wear it like a boss lady to the April fool party. You can entirely slay the look by carrying an imitation knife.
  • Jigsaw puppet – Play a prank with your friends this April fool day. You can look like a puppet by wearing black pants and blazer. Look like an aesthetic puppet by etching black line from lip to chin.

Add Halloween wigs to complete the prankster look

  • Sandy blonde wig – Pick up this attractive blonde wig from the 70’s fashion to make a lifelike appearance at the party. The iconic hair wig will complement almost all attires. If you choose to look like a retro prankster, then wear oversized classic sunglasses with hair wigs.
  • Black and red vampire wigs – Beware of the wicked pranks that devil plays. The vampire wigs emphasize large buns or v-shaped bangs. The shoulder-length strands make it versatile and are ideal for all veteran Halloween attires.
  • Curly grey wig – If you desire to prank like tortured spirits, then the curly grey wigs are perfect for you that will give a realistic look to the character chosen by you. You can play a wicked older woman by adding this wig to your ensemble.
  • Clown wig – Add a little fun to the April fool day by intimating a clown. You can either choose to add fun to the party by using this colorful wig or pair this wig with a scary Halloween dress. The jolly jokester look can be complemented by artificial makeup.
  • Black afro wig – Whether you are wearing throwback Halloween clothing or just pranking around your loved ones, this eye-catching wig will surely fetch everyone’s attention around you.

Cosplay ideas for April fool day

Cosplay is a great way to imitate your favorite TV or movie character. April fool day can be converted to a fun day by creating impressive costumes paired with cosplay wigs.

  • Pokemon costume – The funny costume can make everyone around you laugh. What is better than spreading laughter? Even though the outfit looks terrible, you can use it to play pranks on April fool day.
  • D Piddy funny costume– Make optimum use of the funny cosplay costume by adding abstract emotions or ideas while pranking people around.
  • Harley Quinn – One of the hottest arch-villain you can game around is Harley Quinn. The funny costume will make people laugh and cry at the same time. You can look unique on April Fool day by implementing this cosplay idea.
  • Sims costume – This costume is popularly known as a last-minute costume, and you have to cover up as mosaics. You will definitely look different from others. 
  • X-men colossus costumes – You can show off your toned body by playing this character for the cosplay. For a moment, people around you will greet you like a famous character from X-men.
  • Absurd flattering inflatable Tube – Anime-family guys motivate the cosplay costume. The character isn’t just famous on YouTube but also popular worldwide. To turn it look realistic, all you require to do is amplify your actions, and you will be the life of the party. This character promises that you will fetch a lot of fans.

Key Takeaways

All we conclude is that the perfect blend of costumes, wigs, and cosplays will make your April fool day prank successful. A little bit of laughter is what we look forward to spreading around with fun as well as pleasure.

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