Do You Know Which Size’s Painting is Best for Diamond Painting & 5D Diamond Painting?

If you are a keen follower of arts & paintings, you must have heard about the diamond painting by now. Diamond painting is quickly becoming a popular and innovative trend for art lovers of all ages across the world. Diamond painting is a pleasant activity. This painting technique is becoming extremely popular also for various health reasons like reducing stress & anxiety, improving mind concentration & developing Fine motor skills. It wholly helps the body – mentally, physically as well as intellectually. As per the study, diamond painting relaxes the center part of the brain called the amygdala, which gives rest to the mind. In Short, You can achieve a lot more than just painting.

For the people who are naive to this concept, let us begin with the basics.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a form of mosaic art where the “Painter” creates a painting by sticking tiny diamonds, also known as Crystals, Beads & Rhinestones on an adhesive color-coded canvas to develop a sparkling picture.

It is believed that diamond painting has its origin in Asia. But very quickly it has crossed all the boundaries and reached every corner of the world now. Diamond Painting can be created in several ways. You can either buy the diamond kits available in the market or DIY Diamond painting or buy diamond supply and painting separately.

Diamond painting can be further distinguished in two different types – 3D Diamond Painting & 5D Diamond Painting.

3D Diamond Painting – It’s a form of diamond painting where the beads with 3-facets on each of its sides are used. The beginners usually prefer 3D Diamond painting. 3D Diamond painting was so popular before the arrival of the 5D Diamond painting.

5D Diamond Painting – It’s a form of diamond painting where, unlike 3D diamond painting, beads having 5 facets on each of its sides are used. 5D diamond painting forms a very detailed and beautiful composition. Currently, 5D diamond painting is more in demand compared to 3D diamond painting.

Drills & Its Types:

“Drill” refers to the shape of each diamond that you glue to the canvas. There are two types of Drills currently available in the market – Round Drills & Square Drills.

1) Round Drills: As the name suggests, these drills are round in shape. Round drills are recommended for beginners as they are easier to use. The Round Diamonds stick easily with the applicator. You required less time to finish the round drill painting compared to square drill painting.

The gap between the two consecutive diamonds is visible in round drill diamond painting while having a closer look. But, the painting looks attractive from a distance.

2) Square Drills: Square drills are square in shape. The square drill diamond painting looks more appealing because it creates a complete look and leaves no space between two consecutive diamonds.

Square drills are recommended for the expert “painter”. Square drills usually take longer to place, but it fits perfectly with the neighbor drills. Painting made with square drills looks beautiful even from a small distance.

The Kit: Diamond kits are preferred for beginners who have never tried Diamond Painting ever before. For the one who has an experience of diamond painting, can draw pictures himself. The kits have a printed canvas of preferred size, DMC based resin color diamonds/drills.

The standard drill size is 2.5mm and usually comes in two shapes- Round & Square. The kit also includes a user manual, color-coded canvas, holding tray, wax or glue, and a stylus. Some kits also have the baggies to stock your open diamonds.

Steps for Diamond Painting:

Once you bought the perfect diamond painting kit as per your requirements, it’s time to start the real job – Painting. As said earlier, diamond painting is an art that requires enough patience & practice. Once you earn this talent, you become a pro in this arena.

We have compiled each & every step required for diamond painting from start to finish.

1) Pick a Clean & Spacious Workplace: Selecting the appropriate workplace is the first step to begin the painting. The ideal space would be the one without any interruption & distraction and, where you can sit and work comfortably for hours.

2) Understand & Arrange Painting Kit: The next step to understand the complete painting kit and each of its components duly. If you are a beginner, read the user manual thoroughly that comes with the kit.

Arrange every painting tool in a manner that you can use it with utmost ease, and it doesn’t come in each other’s way while using. Sort out the diamonds.

3) Identify the Symbols: Knowing each symbol before you start painting is the least expected. This will help you understand the painting and visualize the outcome. A good understanding of symbols will help you make painting quicker and better.

4) Uncover the Canvas: Uncover the little part of the canvas which you have decided to begin with. Always peel the protective cover little and as per your need instead of peeling it off altogether.

5) Select & Pull up The Diamond: Now, the actual painting starts. Once you study the symbols & the complete design, it’s time to start glueing the diamonds.

First, select any particular coloured diamonds. Dip the pen into the wax tub and fill its nibble. Apply little pressure to the pen head, so it holds to the diamond and then slowly lifts them.

6) Stick the Diamonds on Canvas: Attach that particular coloured diamonds to their corresponding places and then proceed to another coloured diamonds. Always start diamond fixing from the top side.

Don’t apply too much pressure on the diamond such that glue sticks to the diamond top and makes them dull. Also, always proceed in colour after the colour method. Repeat this procedure until the last diamond.

7) Celebrate Success! : Once you are done with the painting, of course, it’s time to rejoice. After all, you have invested enough time to make this beautiful painting. Frame this painting and hang it in your bedroom or in the sitting room or at your workplace.

You can even gift this painting to your loved ones. After all, you have crafted it all yourself with utmost efforts and sincerity. Everyone admires the handmade gifts compared to the one purchased from the gift stores.

Diamond Painting: Tips to Remember.

Considering you are a beginner or intermediate, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you create a faster, cleaner & better diamond painting.

1) Use a flat surface to place the canvas. You can use your study table. In case you don’t have the study table of the appropriate size, you can even use the cutting board.

2) Flatten the canvas before you start painting. Sandwich the canvas between a pair of a thick book for an hour before you roll out.

3) Use a Multi-Diamond applicator instead. Fixing hundreds or thousands of diamonds one-by-one is a tedious job. Using a Multi-Diamond applicator will smooth your task.

4) Using an egg carton, ice cube tray or jewellery box for separating diamonds will be a good idea. This will keep the diamonds separated and prevent them from getting mixed up.

5) Tap diamonds next to their symbols so that you don’t always need to check the symbol while painting.

6) Use LED light pad to get better visibility.

7) Dub the wet towel on the area which starts to lose the glue.

8) Always use the tweezers to pull out the wrongly placed diamond or move it to the right place. Avoid using your hands.

9) Once your painting is finished, keep it under the bed for a day to make sure that each diamond sticks properly to the canvas.

10) Whenever you feel bored, take a break; enjoy a few seeps of cappuccino!

We hope now you have acquired a good understanding of diamond painting, its types, including its steps and tips to get into the “Picasso mode”. Paint the (canvas) Red.

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