Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy

A lot of women crave conception! Pregnancy for women is one of the most important parts of their life. It is a wonderful experience for a woman to get pregnant. The joy of motherhood is unfathomable besides, people see pregnancy as a gift from God.

In order to handle this ‘gift’ very well, it is very crucial to get proper pregnancy care so that you can have a healthy delivery.

You should understand that every stage of your pregnancy poses different concerns and issues. Your doctor will probably give you all the information and medical care during pregnancy.

For good care, visit the Gynaecology clinic. But here’s what you should know about your baby’s growth week by week. Here are some easy pregnancy tips that you should know about DOs and DON’TS or good care during pregnancy.

Do’s during pregnancy

  • The first and most important thing is to get good medical care during pregnancy
  • Perform a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily. It relieves pregnancy-related discomfort
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Avoid foods that are not completely cooked, including eggs, fish, and meat, since they increase the chances of infection.
  • Wash your veggies and fruits thoroughly. This is to prevent bacteria contamination from toxoplasma, a parasite of fruits and vegetables. Contamination may occur at any time during production, harvest, processing, storage, transportation, or retail. Bacteria can harm both mother and unborn baby. Toxoplasma may not show any symptoms while the baby is still in the womb but, may cause blindness or intellectual disabilities later in life. You also need a high amount of calcium for you and your baby
  • Take enough seafood as they contain essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acid which are essential for you and your baby
  • Food containing calcium is also recommended for growing babies
  • Keep fit with simple exercises and yoga
  • Anxiety, anticipation, and changes in hormone levels could make you sleepless during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is tasking, especially as you near your time of delivery and you’ll need plenty of sleep

Don’ts during pregnancy

  • As part of proper pregnancy care, stay away from alcohol, especially during your first trimester. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome and lead to facial deformities, heart defects, and intellectual disability. No level of alcohol has been proven to be safe during pregnancy so, avoid it completely
  • Do not eat spicy food
  • Avoid smoking! Cigarettes heighten the chances of having babies with low birth weight, respiratory problems, and premature birth. Miscarriage and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) are associated with smoking during pregnancy.
  • Do not take unpasteurized milk, cheese, or fruit juice as an expectant mother. They carry a lot of harmful bacteria which can pose life-threatening consequences for unborn babies
  • Avoid raw and undercooked eggs and meat. They seem to increase the chances of contracting food-borne diseases like toxoplasmosis and listeriosis
  • Don’t eat undercooked or raw fish especially, shellfish as it can cause numerous infections. Fish high in mercury is not good; mercury is a highly toxic element!
  • Taking caffeinated substances, especially drinks containing caffeine, is not healthy for your baby. The caffeine can travel through your placenta and increase the heart rate of your baby
  • Raw sprouts should also be avoided. They may contain bacteria like salmonella inside the seed. As a pregnant mother, eat an only cooked sprout

Nutrition During Pregnancy

According to the FDA, about 300 extra calories are needed daily to maintain a healthy pregnancy. These calories should come from a balanced diet of protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, with sweets and fats, kept to a minimum. A healthy, well-balanced diet during pregnancy can also help minimize some pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and constipation.

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If you and your partner are expecting a baby, do well to visit our team of gynecologists at the Gynaecology clinic today to get good care for your pregnancy.

Remember that a healthy mother equals a healthy baby! See our qualified team of gynecologists today for great pregnancy care.

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