Easy Ways You Can Turn Workout Motivation Into Success

Easy Ways You Can Turn Workout Motivation Into Success

In the 10 years I’ve been helping people develop healthy behaviors around food and exercise, I’ve found that most people truly want to exercise more to improve their health and fitness; however, as with diet, knowing what to do and actually doing it are two very different things.

Whether starting a new program or suffering a slump thanks to a weight loss or muscle-building plateau or plain old boredom, mustering up workout motivation can be a tremendous struggle.

To find actual reasons to exercise, the first thing you have to do is remember: “Don’t make your workout decisions based on your current mood and level of inspiration, but in terms of your long-term goals and values,” says Christopher Friesen, Ph.D., sports psychologist, director of Friesen Sport & Performance, and author of ACHIEVE: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, And How To Make It Happen.

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I’ve learned that addressing the psychology behind why people don’t exercise as often as they know they should usually does the trick. Here are some tips that have helped my clients make their workouts actually happen:

There are some external and emotional obstacles to stopping in the middle of exercising or not being able to workout even if you think ‘I will start’.

We all want to look healthy, fit, and beautiful. But when you think of regular exercise, many fall behind. How many people at different times in life join the gym or incorporate yoga into their daily routine. But the number of people who have been continuing for a long time is negligible.

In my opinion, there are two main reasons for this. First of all, those who are attending a workout class for the first time are not aware of their goals. Second, many newcomers lose motivation in the workout. However, it is much easier to keep motivated if you have the importance of workout and proper planning.

There are some external and emotional obstacles to stopping in the middle of exercising or not being able to workout even if you think ‘I will start’. However, with a little effort, these obstacles can be easily removed. At the root of external obstacles are lack of time, work pressure, distance from home to office, etc. Also, many people think the gym or workout class is probably very expensive. Even thinking this, many fall behind.

Many people think “who will see me at this age” or “there is no need to be secretive after becoming a mother”. Many people suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Maybe in the gym, he will be the laughing stock of everyone. Many people do not want to workout from this mental barrier. Such thoughts are the opposite of staying healthy.

But we are all aware of the good aspects of exercise. So where are the obstacles to overcome these obstacles? For those who are afraid to go to the gym thinking about various physical problems, I will tell them to talk to the gym trainer separately. Tell him about your problem. He will be able to adjust your routine according to your needs. But you have to take the initiative. As well as setting your own goals and keeping track of how many goals you have been able to meet.

Set small goals. This will make it easier to meet goals and you will be encouraged. Many people do not want to exercise except for a few days due to boredom. In this case, you can try different types of exercises. You can do Pilates or Zumba one or two days a week. You will also enjoy the workout a lot more.

Many people say that they do not have time to exercise at all. I will tell them, if you notice a little, you will see that those who are exercising regularly in the vicinity are no less busy. Many may be even busier than you!

So time is no excuse. In a word, if you do not have time to exercise, you will have to spend a lot of time behind the disease in the future. So try to stay as fit as possible by removing all excuses. Do yoga at home whether in the gym or not. Walk in the morning afternoon. It also involves a lot of exercises. But whatever you do, hold on to the motivation and keep going.

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