Exotic Things To Do On Your Morocco Summer Holiday

Morocco is one of the very famous holiday destinations in the world. Only in the year 2019, thousands of travellers were in record who travelled to visit the ideal holiday destinations on the place. We also had spent our Morocco Summer Holidays in 2018. Those days in the wonderland of Earth Morocco were so memorable I remember. People coming there from all over the world find diversity in Morocco. Diversity in the Holiday Break experience attracts the traveller community. What you need in your holiday experience would decide your holiday trip in 2020, but my suggestion to you is to try Morocco at least once in your life.

Things to do in Morocco Summer Holidays:

Here are some of the experiences and observations to share with you regarding Morocco. Pack your bags and book for the Summer vacations 2020 in Morocco.

Why Morocco in Summer?

Summer is a party season in Morocco. People come from every nook of the world to find what Morocco offers in Summers. For your knowledge, in Summer, mostly the festivals in Morocco held to welcome and entertain travellers with so many activities. Find the Festivals in Morocco during Summers, you will get a list of all the festivals on google.

The weather of Morocco in Summers – What should I pack?

You should pack the fewer layers and the relevant luggage because in Summers, Morocco’s weather is hot and you will need the cloths of Summers. You must not know what the hot summers mean in Morocco. The temperature goes up to 40 and sometimes reach near 50 celsius in Moroccan city sides.

What about Beach Destinations of Morocco in Summer Break?

Most of the guides tell you that Summers in Morocco should be spent on beach spots. We also spent our summer vacations mostly in Agadir and Tangier. Coastal cities mostly have less temperature and more able to give you the best experiences so far. I recommend finding the best, indoor activities in Morocco’s mainland cities. What you can plan by the way? Here we go.

Marrakech’s Museums and Festivals:

I don’t know would it work in Summers or not, but can you try to search whether the hot air balloon in Marrakech still flies? We got the perfect ride two years back in Morocco and it was the wonderful experience of our time in Marrakech. We visited Djema el Fna, which is an evening fun and easy to access.

Djema is a famous market place in Marrakech once was the execution place at old times. But this place now welcomes you with the delights and traditional glimpses. We visited Museums and Zoo in Marrakech during our Summer holidays up there. Like this, you can plan the evening or night time activities in the town.

Travellers who are in search of great nightlife experiences in Marrakech are welcome to enjoy their perfect time there. There are a lot of night bars and pubs in Marrakech to entertain travellers with every perfect beat and sip. Take the traditional pleasure of Hamam in Morocco which I guess you must try. Along with this, you can have the luxury Spa opportunity in Marrakech’s Hammams (Traditional Bathrooms).

Beach Holidays in Agadir:

Agadir is one of the very vibrant and traditional coastal city of Morocco which is very famous among travellers. After Marrakech, we visited the destination and yes it worked. For you, the best option is to find the beach spots in Agadir. There is also an option to book the resort in Agadir to avoid any hassle on the spot. Play with the sands on the ideal beach spots in Agadir, play with the Frisbee or if you want to make it more special surfing on the waves of Agadir’s waters.

Surfing and swimming is a famous activity on Agadir beach. You can avail of the opportunity to play with the waves or can soak the sun laid back under the umbrella and sipping fresh juice. Eat lunch or dinner in the beautiful beachfront setting on your resort or any of the beachfront hotels. Don’t miss an opportunity to sit on the traditional cafes, stroll the nearby markets and the old Medina in Agadir.

Desert – The Dream to come true:

It is a dream or an image in all of our subconscious about the desert. I have read many of the writings and listened to several tales in which the desert and its beauty were central. So it was also my dream to visit such a place in real. You can spend your ideal time at the Sahara of Morocco which offers you the best experiences. You will ride the camels and stroll between the dunes, take pictures of video blogs to make your experience more memorable. It would work to spend a night in Sahara under the soft moonlight and beautiful twinkling stars.

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