Explore the Checklist of the Utilities and Cellular Service Providers in Australia

Is Australia in your wish list and are you planning to immigrate to Australia soon? A question might be triggering your mind as to how will you set up all the utilities right there in Kangaroo land? Isn’t it? Well, prior to migrating to Australia, you must have a clear set up in your mind that you’re going to manage your living there, in a totally different country.

Right from the scenic beauty to the high standard of living, this country has so much to offer. Even if you talk about the education, this country has the best education system, that can together give you a bright future that you’ve always vyed for.

The above are the reasons that many people are applying for Australian PR Visa, so that they can give their dreams the beautiful wings to fly high in the blissful blue sky. There are many varieties of Visa under which you can apply, if Australia is on your bucket list.

You can go here for spending a hassle-free vacation, for work, as a student, some business activity PR Visa and many other options. Each and every visa has its different requirements. You can meet the requirements and take your flight to land into this kangaroo world.

Some of the Steps Involved in the Australian PR Process

First of all, you need to select a relevant occupation that is there in the skilled occupation List. After that, a skill assessment needs to be done from the skill assessment authority. Next comes the submission of the IELTS score. After that, you need to submit an EOI (Expression of interest) on the online skill set system Australia.

There are many cases, in which you need to get a nomination certificate from a particular state or territory. Now, if you get a nomination, and your profile gets selected, you’ll receive an ITA, after which you can apply for Australian PR Visa.

Below is a guide how you can set up Your utilities in Australia.

Important Utilities in Australia that you need to manage are:

Well if you don’t have any of your relative living in Australia, and you’re seeing forward to rent an accommodation, then it might happen that the home utility bills such as the electricity bill, water bill and the gas bill might already be included into the rent, or it might happen that your landlord charge them separately. It totally depends upon your landlord as how he’s going to deal with the entire process.

Well, on the other hand, having a connection in Canada, who can give you shelter is just like the icing on the cake.

If you’re thinking of buying your own house, and cater to all your needs by yourself, then it’s important that you should be aware about the options that are available in Australia.

To your knowledge, there are many Australia Providers who can cater to your gas, electricity and the water needs. It includes, Energy Australia, Origin Energy and AGL. Some of the providers serves only in certain states such as the ActewAGL offers residential energy to the states of ACT and NSW only.

Once you’ve selected the provider, the next step is to check their fees and compare their prices with the other providers, so that you can choose the best economical option, that won’t waste your precious money.

There are different water companies serving across different provinces and states in Australia. So, there are less choices when it comes to selecting the water providers. It’s advisable to choose accordingly.

Now, what is the Cost of utilities in Australia

The recent Australian Immigration news provided that the Household costs from the recent years are:

  • Overall Household Costs

The average weekly housing cost across Australia was $2223

  • Energy Bills

The cost of the electricity bills falls between $1500 to $2500, which means that $4 to $7 per day.

  • Gas and Electricity

If you’re a single applicant living, then the utilities bill would be approx. $560. On the other, if you’re living with your family, then the bill can jump up to $3289 approx.

  • Mobile Phone Bills

An average household accumulates about $12 weekly, when it comes to mobile phone bills. Well, it’s always advisable to carry your own cell phone, before you immigrate to Australia. Then, you can purchase a local sim along with a local phone plan, that’s affordable. Moreover, you can choose the best network and choose it accordingly as per your own needs.

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If you’re still confused about the whole Australian Immigration process, you can ask your queries and seek assistance from Aptech Global without any tussles. It’s always better to get a deep insight into all the utilities and the related costs, so that there are no discrepancies post immigrating to Australia.

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