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In today’s time, it is really hard to find someone who would not like to go on a vacation to Vietnam Cambodia. After all, other than being such an amazing place, the countries have some of the best sightseeing attractions, great food variety, friendly local, picturesque landscapes and a lot of exciting activities to try. So, there is almost no reason why anyone would not want to go here. Are you too planning a vacation to Vietnam Cambodia? Are you more of a curious soul who wants to know something interesting about the place before you actually visit it? If your answer is yes, then we have some really fun and interesting facts for you about Vietnam Cambodia which will amaze you and will also make you stand out from the rest of your traveling group. So, continue reading to know more about it!

Fact #1: Did you know Vietnam is shaped like the letter ‘S’?

We all have studied geography in our school but only a few of us would know the fact that Vietnam has the shape of the letter ‘S’. So, if you didn’t know about it, then congrats, now you have some quirky facts about the place to boast among your friends. Also, if you or any of your loved ones have a name starting with the letter ‘S’, then a Vietnam vacation would become all the more special.

Fact #2: Did you know that Cambodia never had a McDonalds?

If you are a crazy fan of McDonald’s or love their burgers like mad, then this is going to come as a real shock for you. No, Cambodia is one of those countries that never had a McDonald’s outlet on their land. There are countries like Iceland and Bolivia, where there was once a McDonald’s outlet but was later closed down, but when it comes to Cambodia, not even a single outlet has ever seen sunshine here. However, if you are a burger lover in general, then don’t worry because they have Burger King and KFC for you. They even have their own ‘Lucky Burger’ which is equivalent to McDonald’s for them.Vietnam tour Facts about Vietnam Cambodia

Fact #3: Did you know that Vietnamese coffee is unique in the whole wide world?

This fact will definitely pique your interest if you are a coffee addict like us. It will surely come as a surprise to you, that after Brazil, Vietnam is the second largest coffee-producing nation across the world. Approximately, Vietnam produces 16% of the whole world’s total coffee. Moreover, the coffee that you get in Vietnam is incredibly tasty and even relatively cheap. Try the iced version of coffee as a refreshing drink to help you cool down in their hot and humid climate. So, if you are a coffee lover, then don’t miss to drink it when in Vietnam.

Fact #4: Did you know that the Cambodian flag is the only one to feature a building?

Are you interested in collecting facts or knowing more about the flags of different countries? If yes, then you might already know that throughout the whole world, the Cambodian flag is the only flag that features a building on it. The building which finds a place making the flag so special is, of course, the famous world wonder of the country which is none other than the famous and reputed Angkor Wat.

Fact #5: Did you know that Vietnam is a country of motorbikes?

Are you more of a car person or someone who prefers motorbikes? If you belong to the first group and thought that nowadays cars are preferred by everyone, then Vietnam may come as a complete surprise to you. As soon as you step in the country, you can see motorbikes all around. Going by the fact figures of the Ministry of Transport, then in 2013 out of the total population of over 90 million, roughly about 37 million people were registered with a motorbike and only a mere 2 million with a car. This can also be because owning a car here is really expensive as the tax goes to 100-200% for a car but for bikes, it is quite cheaper. Therefore, while the car is a luxury only wealthy can afford, bikes are a common and affordable means of transport for common people. So, do not be surprised if you see people carrying anything or everything on just a bike in Vietnam.

Fact #6: Did you know that in Cambodia birthdays are not traditionally celebrated?

Today, being influenced by the western culture, in most of the places across the globe, birthdays are celebrated with a lot of pomp, show, zest and zeal, no matter whether the person is a kid or an adult. However, when in Cambodia, birthdays are not really celebrated. This is especially true in the case of the people of rural areas. In fact, when talking about the older generation of people, most of them may not even know their exact birth date. They just recognize their birthday season and also don’t give much importance to it.

Fact #7: Did you know that Vietnam is considered as the Kings of the cashew nut?

Not many people would know that Vietnam is considered as the largest exporter of cashew nuts throughout the whole world. It is believed that they produce an approximate of 37% of the global number of cashew nut. Though the cashew tree is believed to be a native to the country of Brazil, surprisingly Vietnam seems to be the largest producer of them.

We hope that these facts were interesting and made you even more excited for your Vietnam Cambodia Honeymoon vacation packages!

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