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There may be several reasons for you to change your home. It may either be work related or something personal. Whatever be the reason for you to change your address, one of the best ways to safely store away some or most of your belongings is to opt for a self-storage unit. These storage units are either indoor units or outdoor and some also come with climate control feature that lets you store away delicate or costly items without worrying about them getting damaged in any way.In these recent times, the demand for storage Sydney has increased. As a result of this, the number of storage facilities providing such units have also increased. If you are looking for one, choosing one blindly will do you no good. Since the belongings that you will store belong to you, it is your duty to do proper research and then choose the facility that best fits your needs and budget.

Points To Remember While Choosing a Storage Unit

As discussed above, choosing any storage unit will not be a good thing to do all the time. There are certain points to keep in mind while choosing one of the best storage facilities for your storage unit. Some of the key points are discussed below.

  • Proper Security: The security of the entire storage facility should be your primary concern while choosing the right one for your items. The storage facility that you choose should have one of the best security standards with properly monitored facilities and units. The surveillance systems should be alert and working with guards present at every corner. Since it is a matter of your own belongings, you certainly cannot take any chances.
  • Accessibility: When it comes to choosing a suitable storage facility, another crucial factor to keep in mind is the location of the facility itself. If it is too far from your house, choosing it will make no sense at all. Travelling to and fro to the self-storage facility will simply waste your time. Thus, you need to choose one that is quite near your location. It is important for you to remember that storage facilities located within the city may charge you higher than those that are further away from the city limits.
  • Flexible Storage Units: Some people have just a few items to store away and some have plenty to store. When you choose a self-storage facility, make sure to check and see whether they have a wide array of unit sizes available for you or just a handful of similar sized ones. Storage units may range from 1 square meter to even more than 10 square meters in size. How big a unit you require will depend on your calculations of the total space you need, to keep all your belongings safely in the same unit.

It is always suggested that you do proper research before choosing a suitable storage unit for your belongings. This is for the safety and security of your items that you intend to store away.

Storage units Sydney can get really expensive. The reason? Supply and demand. It’s that simple. When there is a huge demand for any commodity then the price skyrockets and storage Sydney ranks high on that list of in-demand service. That’s kind of why Spacer exists. You see, we recognized that anyone who needed Sydney storage while they’re moving, or somewhere to park their vehicle while they’re at work in Parramatta or North Sydney, was in desperate need of a cheaper option. There must be a better way, surely.

Space comes in a variety of different sizes, too. Conventional storage providers and parking lots will offer you limited unit options and parking spaces. They have to keep everything uniform to fit as many units or car spaces into their available area. This might seem smart, but in actuality, it limits a lot of odd-shaped places to useless and unsaleable space. That’s where we come in. We take advantage of those odd-shaped spaces in people’s homes, offices, their garage, their garden sheds, and their little cupboards under the stairs to store absolutely anything


You can collect records, Star Trek mint condition merchandise, fabulous wine, or a few hundred or so books for when you finally get to build that library you’ve been dreaming of. Spacer offers a range of space options for anything and everything.

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