Fix “The Set of Folders Cannot Be Opened” Error in Outlook 2016

Organizations and people commonly use Outlook as their favorite email client. However, users often encounter many bugs when using it. However, among many errors, the most frequently encountered error is “Could not open set of folders.” This error often becomes a stumbling block for consumers to get Outlook e-mail and messages.
However, the real reason for this annoying error is not known as it can appear due to improper installation of Outlook on your system or a corrupt PST file linked to your Outlook accounts. Moreover, there is absolutely no immediate solution to this error.

However, we have come up with a few techniques that can effectively solve this problem. So let’s take a closer look at each of these methods.

Note: Before using one of these techniques, make sure you exit Outlook on your system also from the desktop.

One of the easiest ways to resolve this error is to start Outlook safely. In protected mode, Outlook starts without loading add-ins. To start Outlook safely, follow these steps:

Sort ‘Outlook / Secure’ and hit OK.
Note: When it asks for your account credentials, enter your password, and select “Accept.”
When Outlook starts up safely, there is a problem with add-ins.
When Outlook is working properly in safe mode, you will have to disable add-ins. To disable add-ins from Outlook:
Go to the File tab and select “Options >> Extras.”
At the bottom of the window, select “COM Add-ins” from the “Paste” field, and then press the “Continue” button. But if you are still faced with the same problem, try other procedures.

The Outlook profile retains all the preferences in MS Outlook. As a result, if this profile becomes corrupted due to unexpected errors, it can lead to the error “Unable to open folder collection.”
Select “Show Profiles” in the magician; a new wizard will appear on your monitor.
Click the “Insert” button and enter a profile title. Besides, in the “Vehicle Account Configuration” window, enter your email account details to set up a new profile.

As soon as you create a new profile, it will appear on the Mail dialog box’s General tab.
In the “Use this profile when starting Outlook” section, select a new profile in the “Always use this profile” drop-down menu.

After picking out the brand new profile, then restart MS Outlook. And when Outlook begins normally, it implies the preceding Outlook profile has been corrupt. If you intend to eliminate the corrupt profile, then be certain that you make a backup for this profile.

Start Outlook on the taskbar
It is not uncommon for consumers to keep their most-used software stuck to the taskbar for quick recovery. It has been noticed by various users that ‘A collection of folders cannot open Outlook’ can be prevented by starting Outlook in the taskbar.
To achieve this:
Make sure MS Outlook is stuck in the taskbar of your system.
If not, find the Outlook shortcut on your system and move it to the taskbar.
Click here in the Outlook dictionary on the taskbar and select “New Mail” from the menu.
This way, Outlook will start as usual. Nevertheless, this is just a workaround; it won’t solve the problem forever; you will have to repeat this procedure at every opportunity to get Outlook.

Use the program viewer for Outlook.
Many consumers reported that the error “Unable to open folder set” occurred after connecting Gmail accounts. This usually happens when you’ve turned on the two-step confirmation of your own Gmail account.
While two-step confirmation is a fantastic way to protect your email accounts from unauthorized access, it is suggested that you use a different Outlook password after linking your Gmail accounts to it.
Install the 64-bit version of Office
The 32-bit version of Office is not as precise and reliable as the 64-bit version. It was also mentioned that the error “connection set cannot be opened” is largely due to the 32-bit version.
But if you are using the 64-bit variant and encountering the same error, it is recommended that you reinstall the model. The 64-bit version provides better stability and performance.

Delete your account in the email program
Windows 10 is integrated with a built-in email client called Mail, located from the control panel. It is an excellent email program for controlling and adding an account. Still, if you turn on your Outlook, add the account directly to Mail instead of adding it separately to MS Outlook, it can cause the error “cannot open the outlook window.”

However, it is simple to fix it by removing your account from the Mail program.
Open the Mail program and proceed into the Accounts section from the left sidebar.
The’Manage Account’ pane will show up on display; pick the email account out of here.
The Account Setting window will show up on display; click on the Delete account option under.
After eliminating the Mail program’s account, restart your system, then get MS Outlook, and you may not confront the mistake again.

Eliminate .XML Documents from Outlook Directory
Using XML document from the Outlook directory may be an additional reason for the collection of folders cannot be opened’ error. When these files get corrupted, then it may easily make the malfunction and prevent Outlook from launching.
Therefore, It is a Good Idea to remove these files in the Outlook directory, which may be accomplished with the next measures:
Note: The following procedure is performed in Outlook 2016, but the procedure is similar to any Outlook version.
Hit the “ Windows + R ” button, then create application data from the area, then click Enter.
AppData directory may appear on display, now go to LocalMicrosoftOutlook16 *.
Find XML documents here and move or delete them.

After eliminating the .xml documents, restart Outlook, and you may not face this error. Nevertheless, these files often get corrupted due to various factors. Therefore, it may be the cause of this error. You can repair such documents with the inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe). To scan an Outlook document with ScanPST.

The majority of the time it fixes the documents. However, if the corruption is intense then this instrument fails. In these situations, you want to use PST File Retrieval made by Mailconvertertools. A novice user can utilize this tool and fix their own Outlook PST files. It’s the very best way to recuperate and fix Outlook PST files and it simplifies all the constraints of the Inbox Repair Tool.

This technical manual is all about how to resolve”cannot start Microsoft outlook. Cannot open the view window. The collection of folders cannot be opened.” The principal reasons behind this mistake are corruption in navigation pane and corruption from the PST file. We’ve discussed the alternative for both the causes. I am hoping that your issue has solved. When there’s any difficulty regarding any measure then don’t hesitate to contact

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