FOUR Key Benefits Of Learning The Spanish Language

Learning a new language comes with significant benefits. It helps to stimulate the brain, increases your memory skills, earns you bragging rights among your friends, and may even impress a potential employer.

The Spanish language ranks number 4 on the list of the world’s most commonly spoken language, beaten only by Mandarin, Hindi, and English. It is an official language on 4 of the world’s continents and is the primary language in more than 20 countries. Check out some more benefits of learning the Spanish language.

  • Learning Spanish is good for you.

As briefly mentioned, research has concluded that learning and making use of 2 or more languages can reduce elderly illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and can minimize your chance of developing old-age dementia. Being able to speak two languages can improve mental capability and health, in both children and adults. It can improve memory, enhance your critical thinking ability and can also stimulate your creativity.

  • Learning Spanish can boost your career.

In the U.S., knowing how to speak Spanish is vital, as its Hispanic population is particularly large. This means that if you are a business owner or manager with Spanish employees or even co-workers, a business can run smoothly, with less miscommunication, and as a result, fewer errors within the company. Another career related benefit is that knowing Spanish in the U.S is bordering on vital in both the healthcare and education sectors. If you are selling a product and know Spanish, it is a huge plus as Hispanic consumers in North America are currently the fastest growing market base. Finally, merely having a second language, like Spanish, is a highly impressive skill to add on to your CV.

  • Knowing Spanish can make traveling far easier.

Because there are so many cities, countries and tourist destinations that have Spanish as their primary language, knowing how to speak and understand these languages will make traveling there far more simple and enjoyable. You don’t have to have your nose in a book to try and get simple information from locals, such as where the nearest art gallery is, menus and signs are easier to read, and information about local cultural landmarks. Locals will also greatly appreciate the fact that you have gone out of your way to learning their language.

  • Expand your social circle.

Given the fact that Spanish is such a popular language, you more than likely have Spanish speaking neighbors, parents of children that share the same school as yours, co-workers and healthcare workers. Learning Spanish can build a bridge that can create relationships and friendships between these people- most of which we encounter every day. You may even have a house helper that speaks very broken English, so speaking Spanish will not only bring you closer and show respect for the Spanish culture, it will also help in ensuring that tasks are run smoothly and efficiently.

To sum up…

Most of us have thought about learning a second language, but there is always some excuse getting in the way.

Now that you know all the benefits there are of learning Spanish; perhaps your mind will change. It is a language you can put to practical use, not just a challenge you have set yourself. Spanish is one of the largest speaking languages in the world, and being up to date with it can broaden many horizons. A huge benefit of learning Spanish is that it can boost your career; it looks great on your resume and also opens many doors in the healthcare and education job sector.

It is also good for brain development and stimulation, enhancing memory and creativity, as well as minimizing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Travelling can be made far more fun and easy if you visit Spanish countries.

Knowing Spanish means you don’t have to stop every second person you meet on the street for directions, you can read menus and signs, and you can enjoy your foreign experience far more. Don’t forget that learning Spanish can also help increase your social circle, and can open up a whole new world when it comes to making friends and interacting with Spanish-speaking individuals.

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