From Silver Screen to Reality – 3 Dream Kitchen Décor Inspired By Screen

Films and shows can leave tremendous influence in our lives. Think about it, when you are not working or not running around taking care of your responsibilities, what do you do at home to pass your time? Well, watching television is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to spend leisure in the USA household. And when you are doing so, haven’t you thought of following what you see on screen in your life too?

Well, the silver screen has been known to be influencing fashion and lifestyle for ages now. Certainly, interior designing is no different either. Well, when it comes to following trends shown, it actually becomes easier for the designer to follow the lead too. This is the reason, screen inspired kitchens are so popular in America. So, here, in the following points, I am going to tell you about some kitchens like that. You will marvel at how beautifully and perfectly you can create those kitchens in your home too. Take a look.

Functionality with the Touch of Tradition – Meredith’s Kitchen, Grey’s Anatomy
There is hardly any soul out there who hasn’t been affected at least once by this famous show on ABC. Grey’s Anatomy is certainly about a group of doctors, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and an emotional roller coaster ride. But it is not just about the events that happen there. It is also about the significant places where the scenes are shot. And one such significant space is Meredith Grey’s Kitchen. Well, there are so many people who have wandered around the space. From Maggie’s mom cooking delicious Lasagna to Dr. April Kepner preparing the dinner for the fateful gathering where Penny meets the whole gang, everything happened in this kitchen.  From Meredith Confiding in Alex and Christina time to time or Derek and Lexie sharing a laugh on Meredith’s horrible culinary expertise, this kitchen has been the witness for so many moments. Just like yours. So, the space needs to look warm and cozy while keeping the functionality intact. Vintage white cabinets with traditional pulls paired with beige wall paint and wooden texture on the kitchen island will become the perfect cozy nest where you will love to spend time with your loved ones just like Meredith.

Integrated Open Space Kitchen – Monica’s Kitchen in Friends
Monica’s home is nestled in New York City, a place thriving with life, so much so that every homeowner is dealing with one glaring issue, space constraint. So, when Monica was busy with her life and work while also juggling time to spend some fun evenings with Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel at home, it was necessary for her to have an open space that will be functional where she can cook while chatting and having fun with her friends too. So, her kitchen was an open space with integrated living. The décor was functional. Though they opted for colors, you can go for modern walnut cabinets that will create the welcoming cozy feeling in your integrated kitchen and will go in sync with the furniture of the living room.

Modern Minimalism – Edward’s Kitchen in Twilight Saga
Silver screen can be an amazing inspiration for modern minimalist décor too. Well, though Vampires are not really popular for their culinary activities, certainly you remember the kitchen of Edward’s home, the stunning minimal masterpiece with too much natural light with so many glass windows. Even if your windows don’t look at the green forest of Forks in Twilight Saga, you still can use them for creating a cheerful bright atmosphere in the kitchen. Walnut cabinet will add the much-required touch of character, glamour and warmth in the décor. Use sleek designs and finishes for the look. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a vampire sister expert in building like Alice, you have movies to inspire you.

So, now as you know how you can create such dream spaces, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on modern walnut or vintage cabinets and design your kitchen space like the way you have imagined.

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