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Medical Consultation Services can be defined as a two-way relationship between a physician and a patient where a physician is responsible for the diagnosis and analysis of the patient’s health condition. In this ever-evolving digital world, such facilities can be availed by patients from anywhere at any time. Health practitioners have given specific online panels to cater to online patients. This type of set up ensures a personalized diagnosis of any disease for free. The patients who cannot afford to go for clinical checkups due to financial or physical barriers can opt for online consultation opportunities that give them the same results or sometimes, even better.


The facilities that entertain the general checkup, disease identification and treatment interventions of a patient by a healthcare expert are termed as Medical Consultation Services. They can be availed over online platforms for free or at an affordable price making health-related counseling easily approachable and accessible for everyone. A patient has to take an appointment from a specific website in order to fix a meeting with a healthcare specialist. The process is so rapid that it takes merely 15 minutes to fix an appointment. As everything is processed over electronic devices, hence the reports and clinical findings regarding any disease are considered authentic and credible.

Digital Medical Consultation Services have completely revolutionized the health industry. There are many platforms available online that provide consultancy facilities in healthcare terms. Such platforms have made it effortless to reach and approach the best specialist for personalized healthcare advice according to the health condition of a particular patient. The following are some of the best healthcare consultancies that provide these facilities.


It is a US-based health company that provides its patients with Medical Consultation Services in a budget-friendly fee. These providers have a lot of specialists on their online panel. They have experts that can provide specific facilities regarding particular fields, for instance, pediatric and dermatological conditions. This company mostly deals with nonemergency healthcare issues that can be easily solved through online channels. This platform also has a separate panel of professionals related to mental health and psychological issues. One of the key features of this company is that they also provide lab result analysis. The professionals working on this platform can diagnose a disease and analyze it using various laboratory tests. Moreover, this company can also send the prescription to the relevant pharmacy and can provide the patient with a precise prescription. The fee charges are quite affordable, ranging from $45 to $90. The general checkup fee is around $45, while the fee of psychiatric sessions is around 90$.


This is also an online Medical Consultation Services that connects the patients with their desired healthcare specialists. This is one of the best online facility providers, and the patient can get connected with the relevant doctor from anywhere around the globe. They provide the facilities of general health checkups and diagnostic consultations. Although they do not provide any option for lab tests, yet, they do entertain relevant questions and queries on previous lab tests. The patients can get a detailed analysis of the results of the lab test they already have. Moreover, they also provide pharmaceutical prescriptions to the patients’ making it easier for them to cope up with a specific disease. The charges are also budget-friendly as compared to the onsite clinical consultations. And the whole process is generally less time taking.


This is a virtual hospital that caters to the demands of a large number of patients with the help of a dedicated team of health professionals. This can also be called a website hospital. According to MACRA rules, this website only has professional and certified health care providers, which also provide MACRA Consultation Services. The patients post their written questions on the websites, which are answered by a team of 3000 doctors specialized in more than 80 fields. They have many consultation specialties to offer to their clients, including oncology, dentistry, and dermatology. Like other platforms, it also caters to the psychiatry and mental health patients. This website is the best option to go for on a tight budget as the first question is posted for free. After that, the chat plans start at 30$ for 50 hours, which is affordable for everyone. If the patients are satisfied enough with the first query, they can later move towards the paid plans. This platform is more useful for general health checkups and consultations.


AMDSOL is the best medical billing company in USA as it not only entails billings, remittance, and acceptance claims but also caters to the patient facilities. These include 24/7 online accessibility and consultations regarding health insurance plans. It provides medical billing services in USA and in other countries via online platforms. This is the best solution for accurate and precise analysis of the patient’s conditions as everything is cross-checked in the electronic reports and submissions of the patient. It collects its fee only at the time of service, which adds to its reliability. Moreover, it also provides its patients with scheduling options, i.e., the patients can get a scheduled meeting with any of their personal physicians or the physician of their choice. This makes this platform choice specific and hyper-personalized. Moreover, it also offers claim acceptance services for the beneficiary, and the patients can get their insurance covered availing to this perk.

In a nutshell, all these platforms provide the best resources regarding online medical consultation services. There are many other platforms available for the same purpose, but the best options have already been discussed above. Moreover, as far as practitioners are concerned, they can also get billing consultation facilities as a perk by just paying a fee for medical billing services. 

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