German Health-Tech Startup HelloBetter Has Received Seed Funding

The digital mental health in Germany has witnessed a spike in recent years, as the level of mental health issues is sprouting at a massive level. However, to manage day-to-day stress is essential in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. We all go through the stress buttons, whether it is minor or major, stress is part of life. Indeed, it is hard to control the circumstances, but the way you respond to them can be controlled.

You should know that when stress becomes overwhelming or turns out to be chronic, it can take a toll on your well-being. And in some situations it can even lead to some serious health conditions as well, therefore you must take effective measures to calm your mind and body. 

How technology can help in improving mental healthcare?

Some of you might find it a moot point, as technology can sometimes create anxiety, but if used in a well-mannered way, it can help in de-stressing as well. Yes, heard me all correct and right, technology can connect our external and internal worlds. And in return, brings the best of result to improve mental well-being, we could have imagined before.

Technology is, of course, a double-edged sword. It can cause a constant state of distraction, anxiety, and sleep apnea. However, at the same time, it can be a measure to organize life better, stay healthy, and reduce stress caused by today’s fast-moving world.

You must be wondering that how technology is helpful to us in reducing the stress, then you must know that it has forever changed the world we live in. And the invasion of the online education app is really a blessing for us. Due to such apps, we can control our mental well-being and get the solution for our psychological issues.

COVID-19 and psychological issues

It is very obvious that we all are a little scared, stressed, and feeling uncertain due to pandemic. However, everyone has their own ways of dealing with stress and here app technology has brought a positive influence to help us manage stress. Today, the world we live in is grappling with the Coronavirus. And no doubt the deadly and insidious nature of this virus is marking psychological scars, that are gruesome. Hence, the online psychology training app in Germany is coming as a tool to fight this mental condition effortlessly. With the help of such apps, it becomes easier for us to unplug from the stress and ease our worries.

Currently, online psychology apps are creating a stir in the market. And in this run, one of the top-notch Berlin-based health tech startup HelloBetter has announced a huge seed funding news. Let’s grab more information about it.

HelloBetter has received seed funding!

Yes, the most popular health-tech startup has announced to receive the “single-digit million range”. However, the name of the investor as not be divulged, but the other investors included Munich’s Ideamed Gesundheitsgruppe (a psychotherapeutic hospital operator), and a group of business angels from the health and insurance sectors.

After this funding, now startup owns nearly €5 million, and in the constant run to improve mental health digitally, they expanded their team size as well. It has been reported that more than one in four adults in Germany are juggling with mental issues. However, to get mental healthcare treatment in Germany takes around 20 weeks. Here, an app portal like HelloBetter, helps people to meet their demands and get mentally fit digitally.

How this funding will help them?

With this new funding, the startup will go toward the enhancement of the platform, and its sales and marketing will be boosted. As of now, the startup has reached out to over 30,000 participants. Further, 

 HelloBetter has also created two groups, intending to guide the company forward. These two groups will work on a scientific advisory board, made up of German and international scientists for digital mental health and psychotherapy research. On the other hand, another group will consist of a council of experts from the health and insurance industries.

How Mental Health Apps really benefit?

No doubt, mental health apps have the potential to reach people and help them get treatment, by removing every barrier. With the help of app technology, it becomes easier for users to access treatment for their mental health problems. Also, during the pandemic, patients are unable to move out of their homes due to lockdown.

Another appealing part of the digital mental health in Germany is its anonymity. This feature allows users to practice privacy and confidentiality and helps individuals, who are not willing to discuss their mental issues openly. And helps them to find the answers for their queries from the comfort of their homes only.

Henceforth, it can be stated that mental health app could provide real value to people struggling with mental health challenges traditional healthcare settings.

Technology helps in reducing stress

Eventually, it is the fact, that technology provides us the measures to tackle the stress in our daily life. Further, the benefits and ease of accessing services from the comfort of homes bring more relief. Psychology advice through mobile app technology helps patients to connect with their therapists 24/7 and find out the ways to reduce stress and help them feel more relaxed. 

Technology is a blessing for the patients dealing with mental healthcare issues; you must get in touch with the physicians and therapists if you are dealing with anxiety or stress.

Final thoughts

It goes without saying, but technology is here to help us and is creating a successful platform for digital mental health in Germany. The app technology is evolving at a rapid-fire speed to provide us to harness cutting edge advancement, And it is not leaving any stone unturned to combat against the anxiety and stress and encourage mental and emotional health.

Grab app technology to reduce stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. Stay well and healthy, amid pandemic and take care of your mental health with an app solution.

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