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You might be a career person who wants to elevate your professional portfolio or persona online. You can have an existing business or brand that is already known to people but you are looking to expand your audience and followers online. Perhaps there is a service or a product you are selling and you want to promote it online. You can also be someone who is just looking to be heard from and you want people to read what you want to say. Whether you fall into any of the above or not, having your own website is ideal for you. For the simple fact that it connects you to people outside your reach, people can find you or your brand instead.

But did you know that you can get a website for free?

Yes, you saw that correctly. You can get a website completely for free- zero fees asked!

This is a great reason to start your website now. If you are holding it for too long because you don’t know how much a website can cost with a professional or if you have been offered by website developers expensive prices for it.

Using the hPage website builder, you can create a free website in minutes. No need to pay for a very expensive website when you can set it up all by yourself on the hPage platform. Need a website template? No need to purchase a website design for hundreds of dollars, just pick one for free on the hPage site template catalog!

What is hPage?

hPage is a new free website builder which lets you create, build, and grow your website. You can opt for their free package where you can get a free website. However, if you would like to have premium features, you can upgrade your website all for an affordable price of about $10 per month. It’s similar to your monthly subscription fees for magazines or other online tools!

Since hPage is a website builder that is catered to people who want to have a free website, it is also very easy for your to create and build a website all by yourself. With its advanced tools on website creation, you can DIY as many websites as you can in very little time. Here are some features which will excite you once you sign-up on their platform:

  • Get your own website URL. The website URL is your address online that people can find easily. If you upgrade your website to a paid version, you can get .com site. If you choose a free website package, you can still get a URL with the hPage domain attached to it.
  • Hundreds of website templates to choose from. hPage offers over 300 premium and basic templates which you can just click and it will appear as your website design.
  • Create and edit webpages easily. HTML and CSS who? No need to learn how to code with the page editor on hPage. Just input your text, images, and other documents and hPage will convert it to code once you press publish.
  • Business features. All built-in the hPage system. Just add it on your web pages. No need to look for external features on other sites.
  • Easy menu organization. Organise the menu list on your website easily according to your liking with the drag-and-drop feature.

These are just some benefits you will get with your free website. For the full experience, just sign up on

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