GPS Tracker: The Guardian Shield for Your Vehicles

What Is GPS Tracker?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is currently the only fully functional Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). More than two dozen GPS satellites are in medium Earth orbit, transmitting signals allowing GPS continuously working on determining the receiver’s location and speed. Some advanced GPS Tracker can track fuel consumption as well.

If you have a car or motorbike or you are a Business Owner who has huge amounts of vehicles. Then a GPS tracker is a must for you or your business. GPS Tracker has quickly become an indispensable business tool. In this situation of COVID-19, delivery or logistics companies are working day and night.

Renown delivery companies like- UPS, FedEx, use GPS trackers to provide on-time product delivery. With the Vehicle tracking management system, public transportation services can also utilize a great deal. GPS tracking devices help companies with their daily fleet management and help them to increase ROI. GPS tracker can help to reduce the fuel cost by reducing extra mileage.

By reducing mileage companies can cut on the fuel budget and driver’s work time. It also reduces the wages of drivers and workers. So, you can save a lot of money simply by using GPS Tracker.

How should you Use GPS Tracking 

GPS tracking systems can be used for multiple purposes. But, most commonly it is being used by the individual level. Because people are scared to lose their cars/bikes.  With GPS Tracker or Vehicle Tracking App companies or individuals are able to monitor and track the location of vehicles. Vehicle tracking App, also gives location reports, real-time location, access location data and many more.

How GPS Tracking Works

Utilizing/Installing GPS tracking is very easy.  In most cases, the tracker will be installed in a vehicle or attached to a piece of equipment (or asset). With a GPS tracker, you are able to gather multiple important data. Like- speed, location information, idle time, milage. The most important thing about GPS Tracker is that you can easily access it through Computers, smartphone or tablets.

Types of GPS/Vehicle Trackers

Right now there are three types of Vehicle trackers available in the market. But the technology is changing so we can expect more variation in Tracking systems.  Here are the basic ones:

  • 1. Wired devices: These are comparatively easy to install. They come with the necessary plug-in and wiring harness which are directly being wired to the vehicles.
  • 2. Plug-in devices: These devices require no installation and are easy to move from vehicle to vehicle.
  • 3. Battery-powered devices: These are powerful and portable, with batteries that last for 3 months to 6 months. You need to change or recharge the batteries when the power is down.

Each type of device has some positive sides, so you need to choose the right one for your business or for personal usage. Choosing the right tracking devices which fit in your budget and fulfill your tracking needs.

Some common features of most GPS trackers include:

  • Mileage tracking
  • Driver performance tracking
  • Ability to find the vehicle at the nearest location
  • Geofences and alerts when drivers move beyond an established route boundary
  • Ability to analysis the monthly performance report
  • Establishment of points of interest, for quick reference
  • Reports about the fleet’s maintenance history
  • Automated schedules and take necessary actions

Without any doubt, GPS tracking is essential for any business. From tracking valuable assets to manage individual assets, Vehicle tracking is a guardian angel for you or your business.  From location to track and utilize, there are multiple pieces of data that you can use. These data can be used to reduce costs and make the best decisions for your company. For more information on GPS trackers and all available options, contact Finder GPS Tracker today to discuss your needs.

With the growing interest in the global automated systems and innovations, GPS Tracking system is a wonderful innovation. The automated market for GPS Tracker has guided vehicles over recent years. Technological advances, especially in the navigation area, have played an important role. In increasing the adoption of the automated guided vehicle in the manufacturing sector.

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