Here is How to make an excellent college presentation

One of the best presentations we have ever witnessed during our school days was about a bag. Yes! The presenter was quite a speaker! In the beginning, he pulled out a polythene bag in the air and said, “This is the best thing I have ever acquired; it helps me carry my groceries to my undies without dropping it,” and the whole room burst into laughter. 

He continued, “Now, I am going to tell you how this small polythene bag has destroyed villages, marine life and our mother nature.” Our jaw dropped, and he had pretty much captured all our attention in a matter of seconds! 

Students don’t usually pay attention to many mind-numbing ted talks and presentations. Mr Polythene bag put on quite a show and every student was glued to him like a beard on a hipster or they were just willing to participate in the event! 

So, what exactly makes a good presenter stand out from the rest? It’s not really a mystery, there are many ways that can help you in finding an easy way for deciding the right topic for your nature like some uses assistance from assignment writer, so that they can clear their term with flying colors. 

We get inspired by the speeches of Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, and even Trump. Hitler used to have great presentation skills that earned him millions of followers across the country. Although they have different personalities, delivery styles, postures, and content, they all share the same secret ingredient when it comes to delivering kick-ass presentations.

Do you want to create the same impact while delivering your college presentation? So, wait no further, and follow these five steps to give excellent presentations:

Don’t read from the slides

PowerPoint slides are only there to provide a visual representation of your otherwise oral content. The purpose of these slides is to tickle your memory nerves and get you talking about each point. While presenting in the class, make sure it doesn’t look like you’re straightway reading from the slides which, by the way, should have only bullet points and not full-length descriptions.

Add some humour (if relevant)

College presentations don’t necessarily have to be serious and boring. You can have a lot of fun by adding humour in your content where relevant! Humour can be a useful tool to capture your audience’s attention. Infect, many presenters use humour to make everything lighter and better. 

And the best thing about it is, you can fit it in anywhere in your presentation, either at the beginning or at the end, on in between. When Steve Jobs was introducing the iPhone 4 on the huge projector screen (which in fact exactly looked like a copy of iPhone 3), he said, “Stop me if you have seen this before.” 

He was well aware that his audiences were expecting a completely new design; he gave them a shock with a joke during a boring launch presentation.

While humour can be a practical approach to capture audience attention, it won’t take long to backfire if you don’t consider the sensitivity of the topic of your presentation. Let’s assume you’re talking about the tragic incidents of World War II, the Holocaust or Tsunami; humour in such content would be taken as inappropriate and highly insensitive. 

Moreover, refrain from making any sexist, racist, or any inappropriate jokes that may offend anyone from your audiences. 

Make use of captivating images

“Seeing is believing”. If you really want your audience to believe each word of your presentation, make sure to add images. Images speak volumes! Rather than using bullets on each slide to present your point, you can use images to glue your audience’s eyes to the screen. 

Are you presenting silage life or poverty? Then, using thought-provoking images would really give you a plus point and help you emphasise the emotion you intend to convey. 

Use hand movement to emphasise your point

You must have seen in the Ted Talks that every single presenter uses their hands while delivering a presentation? But why? It is because hand movements and gestures are used to emphasise a certain emotion or expression on your face. The hand movements help to bring the soul into your rather dead presentation. Moving things indicates liveliness, so make sure to move your hands and let your viewers know that you’re alive and you want them alive too during your presentation. 

Make sure you have a technical backup!

It looks super awkward and annoying when there’s a technical glitch during your presentation! Delivering a presentation in front of a crowd is already a nerve-wracking experience; one minor issue may cause anxiety flooding in your body and the next thing you know, you’ standing awkwardly in front of people, blank and having no clue what to do next. 

To save yourself such embarrassment, make sure you have a proper technical backup with you. Arrive a few hours early before the presentation, check all the equipment, and see if everything is working fine. 

There you have it: five magical tricks to make a kick-ass college presentation! With the help of these straps, we are pretty sure you’re going to nail your next presentation. Good luck!

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