Here’s a Quick Guide to Low-Cost NDIS Assistive Technology

There is no shortage of exciting low-cost technology that makes it easier for people with disabilities- it is called assistive technology. In this article, we will discuss what low-cost NDIS assistive technology is and how does it help the people with disability.

To understand it better, we first have to discuss what is NDIS assistive technology.

Under the NDIS, assistive technology includes pieces of equipment that a person can use to do everyday tasks that they find challenging to do on their own. This technology helps a person in becoming independent and makes their tasks and activities safer for them. NDIS Assistive technology is systems that help you with moving around their homes smoothly, communicating with other people, and performing their daily tasks with much ease.

These supports may get included in your NDIS plan if it meets their needs and help them fulfill their goals. The NDIA needs evidence from the people with disability to decide which assistive technology supports are necessary to include in the participants’ plans. As a rule, if the equipment costs less than $1,500 and can be bought off-the-shelf, then the NDIS considers it as low-cost assistive technology. This falls under the core support category consumables of your NDIS plan.

What kind of technologies does the NDIS fund?

These are some of the popular items that the NDIS funds to help the people with disability under the assistive technology. Have a look at these items and think about the item, which will be the most helpful for you. Here is the list of those items-

  • iPads and Tablets

In recent times, iPads and tablets have become popular as many providers have limited face-to-face sessions right now.

  • Apps

Many apps help people with disabilities in living an independent life. Some apps are text-to-speech apps for people with visual impairment, those apps which can help the people who are non-verbal to communicate with others. There are thousands of apps out there which can help people with disability in multiple ways.

  • Headphones

Headphones are another such item that can be useful for people with Autism Spectrum disorder. Noise-canceling headphones would be of great help as it will block out the background noise and help in avoiding distractions and unwanted sound.

  • Smartwatch

Smartwatch is another essential item which is loaded with many features that can make life easier for people with disability. A smartwatch includes GPS, fall detection, and heart rate monitoring.

  • Smart-home accessories

To help you live comfortably and independently in your home, there are different kinds of technologies, and smart home accessories are one of them. Some of these smart home accessories are voice-activated lights or doors, visual doorbells, and smart speakers. 

How to identify your AT needs?

Like many other technologies, assistive technology ranges from simple to complex, and sometimes the participants require help to figure out the right AT solution for them.

The process to follow to access assistive technology in your NDIS plan is-

  • Your assistive technology needs
  • Are your needs complex? If yes, how complex are they?
  • How are you going to manage your AT needs?

These are some of the processes that decide whether you will get the NDIS assistive technology support in your NDIS plan or not.

NDIS uses four levels to decide the complexity of your AT needs and then include the AT needs in your plan accordingly.

How can you buy low-cost assistive technology with your NDIS Funds?

You will need to purchase the assistive technology item with your own money and then submit the invoice for reimbursement from the NDIS or your plan manager. If an agency manages your NDIS plan, you will have to purchase the item through a registered NDIS provider.

Access Foundation is a registered NDIS in Western Australia, which can help you in implementing the assistive technology in the NDIS plan. We take complete care of the needs of the participants and provide the needed support with much hassle.

Have More Questions?

As we know the assistive technology can help the participants in living a comfortable and independent life, we can say undoubtedly that it is an exciting and helpful technology that might be helpful for many participants to achieve their NDIS goals.

If you still have questions regarding assistive technology, Access Foundation can help you with it. We are registered NDIS service providers in West Australia, and we have helped many people with disability in providing the funds and supports they require from the NDIS. We can help in identifying your assistive technology needs and help you achieve your goals by implementing this support in your NDIS plan.

We have been working in providing supports to people with disability of West Australia for many years and continue to do so with utmost dedication.

For more details or questions about the assistive technology supports, have a chat with us!

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