Highest rated truck tyres by Dunlop and the ideal one for you

Many truck drivers and fleet managers take the tyres of their vehicle for granted or show extreme carelessness when it comes to buying truck tyres. 

The truck tire industry has evolved incredibly. There are various categories within the truck tyre type, from off-road tyres to highway driving tyres.

Old truck tyres were less reliable and used to consume more fuel. Researched, designed and developed using modern facilities — new generation truck tires are exhaustively tested in tough road conditions to assure high standards of safety and performance. These tyres are designed for an array of applications including long, medium and short distance travelling and can perform in both on-road and off-road conditions.

There are numerous brands in the market and these a selection of truck and bus tires which are crafted to fulfil the needs in the commercial-use application. Today we will look at the three highest truck tyres by the Japenese brand, Dunlop.

But first, let’s look at what features are important to truck tyres all over the world.

Features popular among truck drivers

  • A versatile tread pattern for both on-road and off-road performance
  • High-quality highway driving (if the truck only travels on-road)
  • Regular wear and long durability
  • Superior cut and chip resistance 
  • Greater fuel efficiency 

These were the most popular truck features according to a survey. Dunlop has so many tyres in the truck category and each fulfils a great purpose.

Below are the three most popular truck tyres by Dunlop

Dunlop SP 571

Designed for all-positions, Dunlop SP 571 offers perfect traction on both off-road and on-road conditions. The tire provides a long tread life and resists uneven wear. From ensuring safe drives on highways to driving in off-road conditions, the tyre is designed to perform on all kinds of terrains. The tire features a unique tread compound which provides an extraordinary cut and chip resistance. There are stone ejectors in the middle of grooves that give extra protection against stone drilling damage. Moreover, the tire also comes with anti-rust bounding compound for steel breakers.

Drivers get better control of inventory, decreased tire stocking and rotating tires is easy because these are crafted to suit different positions on the truck. All these features contribute to better downtime.

Ideal for

These are perfect for anyone who wants a tire which has the capability to endure the extreme off-road conditions and also seek great grip on roads and highways. Dunlop SP 571 tires are great for tippers, dump trucks and mixer trucks.

Dunlop SP 322 

While this tyre is only for middle-eastern driving conditions, it is a result of exceptional engineering. Dunlop SP 322, which is an all-position commercial tire, is meticulously crafted for a commercial truck to deliver in hot weather conditions. The tire features a unique tread pattern which delivers exceptional performance on both highways and uneven terrains.

Offering long tread life, Dunlop SP 322 are engineered using advanced technology which helps in resisting uneven wear. Moreover, special tread design enhances handling capabilities.

Whether you are looking for comfortable and smooth rides on highways or strong gripping abilities in mild off-road conditions, these tyres are created to deliver under various conditions. The tyre is equipped with a 4-rib pattern and unique tread design which helps it maintain steering stability along with enhanced resistance against uneven wear.

Ideal for

Coming with special tread compound which allows it to perform on various terrains, SP 322 tires are perfect for anyone who mainly travels on highways and roads but, occasionally needs to drive in mild off-road conditions.

Dunlop SP320

Crafted using superior 4D nanotechnology — Dunlop SP 320 is the brand’s latest steer axle truck tyre that provides durability and endurance in regional haul use. It is equipped with a unique tread design which increases the resistance against uneven wear and contributes to longer removal mileage and lower cost per kilometre. Created to fulfil the tough demands of regional haul trucks, SP 320 features a special dual tread compound which reduces heat generation and increases fuel-efficiency.

The brand has included quite a few features in this truck tyre. There is a 5-rib pattern which strongly resists against irregular wear. As a result, the tread life is increased. It also produces less heat and increases the fuel-efficiency

Ideal for

Regional haul truck drivers who are looking for great durability and exceptional fuel-efficiency. Dunlop SP 320 tires are perfect for a range of trucks including reefer trucks, flat-bed trucks and tankers.

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