How AI is shaping the Future of Education Industry?

The AI Technology is making the metamorphosis in the Indian System of Education reviving to the age-old traditional classrooms into an all new digital learning environments. It should emphasis the interaction levels of a student and further encourage them to gain the worldly knowledge of how practical things really exists. The combined power of Artificial Intelligence and eLearning platform have strongly influenced the way how modern Education Industry is successfully making its strides.

These forms of AI Technological advancements in the digital learning space is making the step-by-step learning process a more enchanting thing for the students and inducing them to actively participate in digital classrooms. In the last decade, a lot of schools have complied to accept this metamorphosis of eLearning environments. Moreover, there are many AI App Development Companies and eLearning platforms that have adopted to the YouTube Channel for streaming their virtual classrooms and enhance business revenues by multi-folds.

The rapid technological developments in the AI for Education Industry is fast equipping today’s classrooms with the state-of-the-art technology infrastructure best suited for smart learning environment. The vast presence of AI Services have considerably impacted in the translation of study materials into electronic contents that are made accessible over laptops and smart devices, permitting teaching faculties to automate their administrative task and then focus more on teaching students.

In progress, you should get the authenticity to unlimited enrol candidates and to run the open online courses with easy preview screens accessible over the Web interactively. Hence, this transformation in the education industry should see a direct progress in the eLearning methods getting developed lot more virtual, while fast transiting from swapping traditional books into tablets and interactive screen menus.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Industry

The existence of Artificial Intelligence in many of the projects built within colleges and schools is presenting faculties with the abundant opportunity to teach their students excellently and bring about the most on learning experiences. We have defined below the different roles of AI Technology that is shaping the education industry since the beginning of yester years until now.

1. Personalized Learning

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in the education sector is transforming every student to choose for a more personalized learning approach and at their own adaptive learning speed. Moreover, the students could be introduced to Hyper-Personalization learning experiences that can be realized through blending machine learning and AI Technology and developing the eLearning Environment. Easy design the customized learning profiles according to the type of students getting enrolled and thus enhance the learning process through preparing appropriate training materials. Thus, Artificial Intelligence will allow teachers to generate digital contents and incite their classroom learning experience into a thoroughly digital one, and less reliant on standard textbooks and hard copies.

In the near future, students will have the vast no of resources to take help from and access to Artificial Intelligence powered Apps to immediately get clarified on their doubts in-person from the educators. In addition, AI can be used to enhance teaching experiences by developing personal assistance for conversational roles and aid in instructing students and teachers on assignment tasks.

2. Artificial Intelligence based Voice Assistants

The educators are making the most out of AI components by proposing a virtual education system through voice assistants. These include the presence of smart speakers like Alexa, Siri and Cortana available in the teacher’s classrooms. The students can get casual and active listen to the voice assistance and inquire for all their inquisitive doubts without the need of having a teacher in classroom. AI based Voice Assistances can also be accessed at homes with access to more number of learning materials presented freely on the subject of interest.

A lot of universities and colleges are offering students AI based Voice Assistance for reading to the digital contents recommended for the intended study courseware. AI based Voice Assistance have a huge demand in the campus for acquaint the digital methods of learning with customization features, scheduled and presented to every individual student’s courseware. The employment of Voice Assistance in campus is expected to raise even higher in the forthcoming years.

3. Educators use AI in Administrative Tasks

With the existence of AI Solutions the educators are getting majorly relieved from their primary task of education oriented duties and have started sharing more responsibilities towards handling classroom environments that deals with lots of administrative tasks. The teachers are given the knowledge of using Artificial Intelligence for arranging and managing digital textbook contents, schedule field trips, interacting with parents and provide a conducive environment for building the smart classrooms.

Alongside, this AI App Development Companies can help to reduce the burdens of educators in performing their non-educational tasks that often deals with daily routines and paperwork’s including student application and enrolment, HR budgeting and Personnel-related issues. Moreover, the AI Systems can add to the operational efficiency of the educational company and reduces cost expenses and facilities in the overall management. It results to teaching institutions achieving a greater form of visibility along with a steady state of control on income and expenditure accounts.

4. Breaking barriers

With Smart Classrooms getting equipped on hi-tech AI Tools and Devices it presents AI Software Development Company the big opportunity to build the digital model and then help shape the education industry in the future efficiently. When conducting virtual classrooms present with a group of students the AI based translators can be of immense help in the form of streaming subtitles in real time sequence, and enable the passive students to tune into their learning speeds quite conveniently.

The student may even intervene the teacher at real-time when classes are taught, to know about the infinitesimal particulars of a subject and improve their learning experience. These attributes of smart classrooms definitely breaks all the barriers in the education space to enhance more eLearning possibilities.


In the nearest proximity, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning should definitely occupy an integral place in all our educational experiences. In fact, the eLearning market is said to be believed to grow multi-folds and reach up to $2bn market value in 2021 by KPMG Inc.

There are still many pathways left unexplored by teachers and education institutes towards utilize AI Technologies virtually to their advantage. In future there should be more intuitive digital classrooms getting built using the power of AI and enhancing the overall learning outcomes impartially for everyone.

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