How an SEO Agency works: How it increases the ROI of your business

How it increases the ROI of your business

Whether you need support in managing your social channels, or someone who contributes to creating content for your blog, collaborating with a digital marketing agency is a great way to make the most of your efforts to marketing.

But how does an SEO agency work deep down? What magic sets in motion in the mysterious world of marketing ? What happens when your website reaches the top positions of the search results?

It is a little more complicated than simply shaking a magic wand, we can anticipate this for you.

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We will calmly explain everything else in this article, focused on how an SEO agency works.

How does SEO agency work? First of all, Learning

It is up to you to ensure that your company’s business is booming. As for us, we have the task of an SEO agency, which is to make your company find the right people.

To do this, first we need to know your brand and the business behind it. The first phase is a research path that leads us to immerse ourselves in who and what you are, what you represent and where you want your company to go.

Your business goals give us a clear picture of what will be our priorities for building our path together .

Once you have learned your goals, we probe the research landscape of your sector .

What are your ideal customers looking for? Which keywords are best performing? How do your competitors behave? Are they well positioned for some keywords?

These research-related questions already outline some essential priorities for understanding how an SEO agency works .

But after asking ourselves these questions, the time comes when we do a full NYC SEO audit of your site. Basically, this informs us about your situation on search engines and allows us to identify the margins for improvement. This in-depth research allows us, finally, to set specific objectives towards which to direct our SEO efforts.

These goals can be anything: from increasing the conversion rate , to looking for customers with a higher Lifetime Value .

Preparation phase

Next, we build a strategic plan to achieve these goals … but it’s not as simple as it seems.

An SEO agency (like ours) does not deal with its customers by reserving them a treatment done with the stencil. On the contrary, we create a personalized SEO strategy, adapted to the specific needs of each company, the current brand positioning and business objectives.

In this phase, we set up the tracking tools and identify which parts of your site are to be improved. Next, we agree on a plan to improve your search engine rankings and to achieve your goals.

What an SEO Agency does

Time to take action! Here are the main components that regulate an SEO strategy, aimed at improving the performance of your site.

Technical Markup

The small descriptions in the page titles and metadata may seem insignificant but carry a heavyweight.

The technical markup needs to be able to distill your company down to its essence, and then infuse that essence in a number of computer characters and entities.

By creatively refining those factors that govern ranking, such as titles , tags and ALT attributes , we will let consumers know that your website contains exactly the precise information it hopes to find.

Content Marketing (Inbound)

Creating and sharing high-quality content can make you look like an expert in your industry in the eyes of consumers and search engines. Content of a certain type, such as FAQs, images and blog posts, brings a certain type of traffic to your website.

Our SEO and copywriting experts ensure that your blog and site speak the language of crawlers as well as people.

Link Building

Another crucial aspect to know in order to understand how an SEO agency works, in particular as regards the optimization of a site, concerns link building, which must be as intelligent as possible.

Safe backlinks tell Google and other engines that you are a credible source that deserves to be shown to Internet users.

By conducting a competition audit, our SEO team finds out what your competitors are doing to understand how you can do better than they do.


At this point, a large part of the work of an SEO service has already been done, but it does not end there. Since much of a digital marketing agency ‘s SEO work is done behind the scenes, we want to make sure you see the value of your efforts. Like? In the form of an increase in ROI.

You will remember that in the initial phase of knowledge we had identified some objectives (for example, to increase the conversion rate). We also set some key performance indicators (KPI, or indicators Key Performance ), that allow us to evaluate the success of our SEO strategy through raw numbers (the one on which we like to base ourselves).

The KPIs are directly related to your business goals and are in different forms. Almost anything that can be quantified can lend itself to becoming a KPI, as long as it aligns with your company’s goals. This means that you can use data such as website traffic, the click-through rate ( CTR ) and the conversion rate to evaluate the progress of your SEO.


Getting the secrets of how an SEO agency works, as you see, is not easy. Someone tries, improvises SEO and, in doing so, decrees the failure of their digital marketing.

Working with SEO is not easy and in order to make successful marketing, it is necessary to ensure that your company can take advantage of the advice of the best SEO experts, to increase ROI and to reach more and more slices of the public.

If you aim to increase your local visibility, we also recommend reading a guide on best practices for positioning on Google Maps.

Not leaving anything to chance!

And don’t hesitate to contact our experts to benefit from all the advantages of intelligent and personalized digital marketing services.


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