How Civil Construction Services Help With Road Construction?

As roads are important links connecting towns and cities, road construction is a serious business. Do you know that in-appropriately designed road can result in havoc?

It can invite a major disaster as major cracks and potholes can cause fatal accidents. Construction materials are chosen depending on how heavy and fast traffic is. Take a look.


Asphalt is a trusted road construction material undertaken by road profiling services. This material is mainly advised for heavy traffic roads. The material itself is a mixture of binders, fillers, and aggregates with the last consisting of sand, gravel, slag or rock.

Though asphalt is the recommended material, yet it is known for emitting poisonous gas. However, there are safety standards put in place to reduce negative effects on health. Yet these materials is well considered for its several advantages.

It provides significant noise reduction and is in fact, the most silent of traditional road surfaces. It is easy for the drainage of water that is crucial to prevent skid of vehicles due to the porousness of the material here.

The most beneficial quality of asphalt is its recyclability which is 100 percent. This reduces the need for virgin gravel, saving money, fuel and time to transport new materials.


Concrete is known to last very long – up to 40 years in some cases – and doesn’t require much maintenance. It also helps vehicles consume less fuel as it doesn’t deflect under heavyweights.

Extreme weather does little to damage it and it doesn’t suffer much from leaking vehicle oils. But perhaps the biggest advantage is its eco-friendlier nature as it doesn’t have to be melted before being laid.

Where it does fall short is in repair problems as unlike asphalt, when a portion of concrete road cracks or breaks, the entire slab needs to be replaced. This triggers inconvenience for motorists and is expensive. Another failing point is safety as concrete roads can get very slippery when wet.


Brick is not a good choice for motorable roads though it can be used. Unlike bitumen and concrete, the noise generated is more even when sitting inside a vehicle. It also deflects under the heavyweight which means more repair and more expenses.

For low traffic driveways, however, and its popularity can still be seen around historic buildings, brick is an ideal choice. Together with cobblestones, it can give an instant boost to aesthetics.


Like brick and cobblestone, gravel surfaces can’t endure heavy traffic. Still, some regions make use of it more than concrete and leave bitumen for city street and highway construction. The cost of laying a gravel surface is cheaper than bitumen or concrete one so the community may opt for gravel on low traffic roads.

However, despite the cheaper construction cost, gravel surfaces are more expensive to maintain. This applies to gravel roads that see more than 200 vehicles plying them every day. Further, noise reduction is not significant but that seems to have a little issue for communities in favor of them.

In road construction, compaction is a very important process. This is because the overall quality of the road depends on the quality of compaction. Rollers are some of the most efficient compaction equipment that guarantees high-quality compaction.

#The modern roads

The roads that are constructed these days involve highly engineered techniques to provide strength and durability to the structure. Asphalt, which is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid, is used as a binder in road construction.
Asphalt roads usually comprise of a foundation or support for the surface.

This surface needs to be stable and solid as it will act as the platform which will hold the traffic; it is supported by the soil as it is bedded on top of the soil. With the asphalt, a mixture of the mineral is cemented together to prevent the surface from the wear and disintegration that takes place because of constant usage.

A mash-up of broken stone, coated with binder/asphalt then fills up the space between the surface and the base frame to provide better sustenance to the road.

#Obstacles on the roads

The services that modern paving company provides are road works such as constructing the driveways, parking areas, or patching the road curbs, sealing the crack, building speed bumps, etc. on any kinds of facilities or properties.

On cases of obstructions caused by natural climatic conditions, paving companies provide services for clearing the roadway from the debris lying on top of the road.

The team of workers’ removes the obstacles by utilizing various machinery like cranes and lifts; they also make use of manual labor where these huge machines cannot fit through.

#Road repairing

Road construction requires quite a bit of investment and time, so in case of minor damages, a patch-up work will make the road fully functional again.

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