How Do You Find Work In Australia?

This week I received an e-mail from a boy who would like to travel and work in Australia but has no idea how to get a job when he is Down Under.

That is why he asked me if it would be advisable to arrange this in advance, whether or not through a Australia travel company. I told him that this is not necessary, but that I understand his ‘worries,’ especially since this is the first time he is going to travel through Australia.

To make a long story short: in this article, I will share various tips with you on how you can find work in Australia after you have applied for the short term or temporary work visa in Australia. So you do not have to be completely worried when you choose the adventurous path or find your own job.

1. Check the internet

There are thousands of websites where jobs for backpackers are offered. Some useful websites are:

  • Gumtree
  • Seek
  • Jobs 4 Travelers
  • People 4 People
  • Backpacker Jobs

Now you might think: “If it’s possible to do it online, can I just as well arrange it in advance?” The only thing I want to say to you is that this can often be difficult. For example, don’t be surprised if an employer only wants to talk to you when you are actually in Australia.

2. Make use of the options in your hostel

This is perhaps the easiest option I will give you. Because really, a big chance that you will find your first job through the hostel where you are staying at that moment. What exactly should you think about? First of all, it is good to know that in almost every hostel, there are notice boards with requests for backpackers looking for work. In the large chains, such as YHA, you can also ask the hostel staff about possibilities, since they usually have sufficient knowledge. But there’s more.

You can, of course, also inform other travelers that you encounter at the hostel. Have they found anything yet? What are their plans? How do they approach this? You can easily discuss these types of matters.

And finally: what about work in the hostel where you stay? Maybe they a with still looking for an employee for a certain position? Feel free to ask!

3. Reap the benefits of being a backpacker

By this, I mean to say that by no means all employers are eager to hire a backpacker. This is not very strange since you are usually only available for a certain (limited) period.

But the great thing is that there are possibilities precisely because you are a traveler. Consider, for example, working as a guide, hostel employee, or, for example, a job in a travel agency. These are the places where they usually look for people like you because you can ‘level’ with the target group.

If you are in a national park, check with the information desk or the visitor center to see if you can work as a tour guide for certain treks. You can also think of a travel organization such as Peter Pan, where you can work as a sales agent and use your experiences commercially.

4. Or walk-in at a bar or restaurant

If you want to get started in the hospitality industry, then I recommend that you print out your resume several times and walk into various bars. Just as with farm work, it usually applies that this appeals much more than an online application or an e-mail.

Certainly, in the hospitality industry, it is important that you are good at dealing with people. Immediately show who you are and make a good impression on the owner.
I advise you to visit the bars when they open. It is then quiet, so there is usually time to have a chat.

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5. Visit various farms

Of course, you can also choose the first option and, for example, look for farm jobs on the websites of WWOOF or Harvest Trail, but another option is to put on the bad shoes and drive and check a group of backpackers along with different farms, or something is available.

In this way, the farmer immediately sees you face-to-face instead of all sorts of CVs through a job site. What do you think works better? Exactly . Moreover, having a car is a plus. Now you may think that this is somewhat expensive, but you can, of course, also share the cost of the car with a few other travelers with whom you will be working together for a certain period.

Plus points are handy since farm work is not always there for the taking. This is because there are simply very many people who present themselves for jobs like this. So distinguishing yourself is so handy.

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