How to choose a bridal lehenga for your body shape

Every bride wants her big day to be special and nothing should come between her and her happiness, that is why certain aspects of the wedding need to be well planned out, one of those aspects being the wedding outfit which is most often the most important part of the wedding from the girls eyes.

Many brides shop well in advance to make sure they get the most fabulous wedding outfit to make her look like a star. When a bride steps out in her wedding outfit for the first time, all eyes should be on her and this is probably the most memorable moment of the entire event.

In recent times, lehenga choli has become a popular choice for bridal wear and why not as this dress looks regal and timeless. Getting the perfect lehenga choli that suits you also depends on what type of body you have and how well you cater to your body shape when you pick one out.

Some styles suit certain body shapes and other styles look terrible on the same body shape. This makes it so important to know your body shape and what styles are on the market at the moment so that you are getting the best possible options for yourself while still staying in budget.

Picking the wrong one can prove to be a disaster for your wedding. Let us take a look at all the different body shapes and how to get the best out of it.


1) Apple shape

1.) Apple shape

Also known as top-heavy, women with this figure generally are widest at the waist portion and the majority of fat accumulates here. Rather opt for a flared design to create the illusion of a smaller waist and an equal width throughout the waist, hips, and leg areas.

Try and pick a design that draws eyes away from that area. Avoid any extreme or overly decorated designs that sit at or emphasize the waistline The dupatta can help to disguise the waist area if it is draped in a strategic way so as to cover the waist but still be stylish and comfortable.

2) Pear shape

You may recognize this shape as the bottom-heavy body shape. It’s ok we have all the secrets for hiding those wide hips right here! Opt for short, fancy decorated blouses in bright playful colours

An A-line lehenga will do wonders for you, and make sure to let the lehenga sit at the narrowest part of your waist to lay emphasis on that slim waist of yours. Use a translucent or netting dupatta to further display your waist. Avoid styles of lehenga that focus on the hip area, say NO to fish tail lehenga designs and other hip hugging styles that you may encounter along the way.

3) Strawberry shape

Women with this particular body shape have wide bust and broad shoulders. Trends to go for are a flared skirt to lay emphasis on the bottom half of the body. Pick a heavy skirt that is decorated with embroidery, sequins, stonework or any other eye catching details.

Accordingly, pair this skirt with a plain and simple blouse and dupatta so it does draw attraction away from the skirt. Another suggestion is to go for a kurta style blouse that ends just at the start of the thighs. Stay away from short, tight blouses that appear to make you even more wider at the top half.

4) Ruler (or straight)

People with this body shape are usually tall with a proportional body and have equal bust, waist, and hips. In this case, try out full sleeves and use your height by going with flared out skirts.

A-line lehengas or the more flared out styles are a great choice that you cannot go wrong with. Modern, trendy blouses are the pairing of choice for these lehengas. Opt for thicker fabric dupattas as they are stiffy and can create the impression of curves even if there aren’t any, softer fabrics will just look flat and boring so do not take any silk, georgette or chiffon dupatta.

5) Hourglass

Perhaps the easiest body shape to deal with is the hourglass shape as any style is guaranteed to make you look your very best. Women with hourglass shape flaunt curvy hips and ample bust. Highlight your body with styles like the fishtail.

Short cholis will prove a good idea and show that waist off, for the lehenga pick soft fabrics (chiffon, silk, and georgette) that will hug your hips and make you look breathtaking.

The best part about having an hourglass figure is that there is no style to avoid and for this reason, you are free to go and wear any design and style knowing that everything will complement that killer figure of yours.


Now that you know what body shapes are out there, be sure to correctly identify which body shape category you belong to. Regardless of what category you belong to, do not shy away from it, but rather embrace this and you will find that choosing clothes will become easier as you start to shop based on your body shape and not simply because something looks good or because it is the latest trend on the market.

Likewise, shopping for your wedding lehenga can seem like a daunting task if you are clueless as to what is suitable and what is not. By following the guidance of this article shopping for the big day will be a breeze for women of all shapes and sizes.

If you have great body features like a slim waist, curvy hips, or long arms then go ahead and flaunt them. If you have certain parts of your body that you are not very fond of, there is a way to disguise them or create an illusion around them.

At the end of the day whatever you decide, just remember to enjoy yourself, it is your wedding after all!. And if you love lehenga and want lehenga choli you can buy lehenga online usa if you are from us or can buy from anywhere.

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