How to choose the category for the Company Facebook Page

Opening a Company Facebook Page means creating a showcase for your audience. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right category to win on social media

Opening a corporate Facebook page is one of the best ways to communicate directly with your audience. A Facebook page is completely similar to an interactive showcase , inside you can find your commercial proposal, your story, your marketing initiatives.

It is also very useful for maintaining customer relationships, answering questions and directing them to one product rather than another. For these reasons, when opening a Fan Page it is very important to choose the correct category . Here’s how to choose the right category for your corporate Facebook page.

  • Is it better to open a company Facebook page or a Community?
  • Why is it important to choose the right category of a Facebook page?
  • Which categories can I choose from for my Facebook page?
  • Is it better to open a company Facebook page or a Community?

When you enter the opening of the company Facebook page, you often ask yourself this question: better a Fan Page or a Community? The ideal, for a brand that wants to have a global interaction with its users, is to open them both. The Facebook page allows you a vertical communication in which the company, from small business to e-commerce , dictates the agenda of the topics (users can, however, normally comment on posts), a Community instead opts for horizontal communication. Inside, all members can activate a discussion and request the opinions of other users. For companies, Communities are an excellent tool for intercepting their target audience and for intuiting and solving problems related to their products.

Why is it important to choose the right category of a Facebook page?

There are two reasons why choosing a Facebook page category can greatly affect the success of your business. The first, and the most important, is related to the description that springs from the choice. This description is placed directly under the name of your page : it is the first business card, because immediately a user has a clear understanding of your sector. The second decisive aspect is indexing; a well-defined category allows you to appear higher and higher in search engines. This possibility is crucial above all for the brands that work in the area.

Which categories can I choose from for my Facebook page?

When preparing to open a Fan Page it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the sector to which you want to belong. Is my company local or is it an organization with a wider geographical influence? Do I want to advertise the brand or the company ? Am I a professional or public figure? Here are the 6 types of categories provided by Facebook :

Local business or place : category dedicated to those who intend to sell goods and services on the territory NYC SEO.

Company, Organization or Institution : appropriate choice for companies operating in B2B or for large organizations such as banks, government organizations or large companies.

Brand or Product : category referring to the big brands, with the possibility to choose the sub-category that is closest.

Artist, Music Group or Public Character : here it is a category dedicated to public figures, artists, singers, journalists, writers, teachers, etc.

Entertainment : this category refers to everything related to entertainment: sports teams, books, films, awards, songs, TV shows and fantasy characters.

Cause or Community : category dedicated to all those who want to promote a cause or give voice to a community, which has serious or fun purposes.

Choosing the category of your Company Facebook page is the first step to winning on Social Networks! Follow our advice and you won’t go wrong!

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How to change the category of the Facebook page

Facebook is certainly a lot of fun to use, easy and immediate. Yet those who want to have professional results from their page, need some advice to always be at the top. So here we are, still ready to give you some tips to improve your Facebook page. This time we explain how you can change the category.

What is  a category – The first difficulty usually encountered when creating a Facebook page is the definition of the category to which it belongs: the difficulty lies in having to choose, among the many possibilities, the one that best suits the activity. Read carefully all the definitions that are proposed to you: a category in line with the company helps your users understand from the first glance what the Facebook Page does.

However, remember that although the category is imported, it is essential to enter information: a good description represents a sort of business card for your visitors and an in-depth analysis for those who want to find out more about you and your products.

Setting the category –  The first time you have to decide which category to enter is right when you create the Facebook page. The first screen, in fact, asks you to choose between six different options: Local business-Place, Company-Organization-Institution, Artist-Music Group-Famous Person, Brand-Product, Entertainment and Cause-Community.

Within each category you will find many options from which to choose the one that suits you best.

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