How to Choose the Right Car Tyres

If you have done the right research and know what you want to buy, believe us, there is nothing simpler and easier than buying tyres.

But what if you don’t know which tyres you should buy then it will be tiring and taxing for you. And, if you buy the wrong tyres, your journeys are going to be horrible, your tyre will wear out prematurely and you will have a bad ride quality. Moreover, you risk the health of your car, especially engine and suspensions.

If your tyres are old, there is a chance that you are running them on bad condition without even knowing. So, inspect your tyres quickly and look for cracks and wear to know whether they should be replaced or not.

When it comes to weather tyres, there are three types:

  •  Summer tyres
  •  Winter tyres
  •  All-season tyres

All-season tyre

All-season tyres are the most widely used tyres. These run in both moderate summer weather and moderate winter weather. However, if your city experiences extremely hot weather or cold temperature, you should consider getting speciality tyres.

These tyres give you all-year long comfort but this does not mean you should rely on them when there are heavy snowfalls or the temperature reaches too high.

Pros and cons of all-season tyres


  • Can perform well all year long
  • Maintain optimal levels of traction on both wet and dry pavements
  • Some of these can be driven on mud and snow
  • These last longer than other tyres


  • Don’t perform well when the weather reaches an extreme.
  • Not recommended for cities which experience a lot of heavy snowfalls

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are developed for cold temperatures. Other tyres get stiff in winter but the soft rubber compound in winter tyres stays functional and maintains top-level traction.

Pros and cons of winter tyres


  • Can maintain traction on ice and snow
  • Channel snow out of the way
  • Can grip ice and snow
  • Can decrease braking distance


  • Not recommended for driving on highways and roads
  • Comprised comfort when driving on well-paved surfaces
  • The rubber is soft so driving in hot weather can cause harm to the tyre

Summer tyres

Known for incredible handling and sharp cornering, summer tyres can endure intense heat. These perform on both dry and wet roads and offer high-speed ratings.

Pros and cons of summer tyres


  • Great speed rating
  • Incredible steering response and sharp handling
  • Sharp braking with short stopping distance
  • Resist against hydroplaning and channel water out of the way


  • These are less durable than all-season tyres. Drivers who have a rough style will find that these wear out much quickly
  • Become useless in extremely cold temperatures

Tyres for SUV

If you own an SUV, then the type of tyres become more diversified as there are different terrain tyres in the 4×4 category.

There are three types of SUV tyres:

  • Off-road tyres: Also known as the mud tyres, these can maintain traction on loose and rough terrains. For people who like to go on off-road adventures such as climbing rocks or hitting the sand, these are ideal.
  • Highway tyres: As the name suggest, these are for people who drive on well-paved surfaces such as road and highways. Off-road tyres make noise when you take them to the road. These tyre focus on giving an exemplary road driving experience to passengers.
  • All-terrain tyres: These fill the gap between both tyres. What about people who want the best of both worlds. AT tyres grip both rough terrains and highways. Unlike mud tyres, these provide ride comfort on highways without noise and vibration.

Most SUV tyres in Bahrain come in the categories we discussed above.

Whether you are choosing a tyre for your off-road SUV or passenger car, the key is to know your driving requirements.

Try answering the following questions:

  • Why am I buying this tyre? What are the top features I am looking for?
  • Which terrain tyres do I need?
  • Which weather traction is best for me?

If you can answer these questions, you will buy the best tyre for your vehicle.

Hope the above article can now clear your confusion about buying the right tyres for your favorite car. Cant emphasis more on picking the right tyres for the overall health of your vehicle. Just go through the season’s tyre again and pick the right one.

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