How To Create A Viral Video To Promote Your Brand

We often talk about performance marketing and honestly we got a little bored. Yes, because analytically measuring the performance of a campaign and therefore obtaining a return on investment is a pragmatic marketing concept that is all too obvious.
There is another marketing, less scientific and perhaps more traditional but tremendously innovative that concerns branding. Or rather, it concerns instilling the right perception of what a company produces and markets in order to attract, retain and obtain consensus.
A marketing that has to do with interactions and with the feeling that it is important to establish with the potential consumer, but also with those who are already customers and even with those who probably never will be.

We too, at this very moment, are trying to tell you a story that can positively influence the reader. We aim to obtain a consent, without hypocrisy, with the hope that in time of need this reader can be induced that digital company on whose blog I sometimes find interesting articles that make me think.

It is a form of marketing that we could define as “humanized” and less bizarre, but no less complex: the viralization of a concept through a video.
In fact, what better medium than a video can tell a brand? What better propellant to viralize concepts through words, music, environments, colors, sounds and everything that can be represented with a camera?

Of course we can understand the reluctance. Brain yourself intensely and have the ingredients to create an effective video is certainly not a simple task. But it can be worth it and can be an effort that can produce exhilarating results whose beneficial effects can last for a very long time, sometimes everlasting!

But what characteristics must a video have to go viral

a) Emotionally connected
It is not about showing the quality with which you produce, nor the characteristics or benefits that your products can bring to those who consume them….Nothing at all!
It’s about finding a story that can create an emotional connection with your client. A story that can instill a sense of irrepressible urgency that fosters interaction and sharing. A story that aims to be remembered
b) Aligned with your customer’s lif
To connect emotionally, it’s important to understand the problems your product can solve. Understand what your customers have in common and go down to the “micro” level to propose an idea. The idea of ​​how your product can improve that customer life that you have thoroughly analyzed. Without abusing emotions, without wanting to identify too much with that life that is not really yours. Simply trying to show that you can
c) Simple and poetic
A poem may not like it but it cannot be criticized. It is a dry and concise form of expression. But incredibly powerful if well-acted and performed. A viral video is not a commercial. It is a simple and surprising story, extraordinary but relevant.
d) Gifted with a sense of humor
It is perhaps the hardest part. This can be very light humor. A form of empathy towards one’s target audience. Certainly not a thunderous laugh but a smile or a nodding face. The “sense of humor” is what makes the difference to ensure virality.
All good speeches but … isn’t it incredibly difficult? Absolutely YES and that’s why the results can be extraordinary.

The only weapon we have to push this concept through is to show you examples:
Purina’s puppy
This example best represents the need to know your customer’s life. We are talking about puppy food and BuzzFeed has brought in simplicity, humor but mainly everything we know are the problems that you can have when adopting a puppy.

He can keep you awake, yelp, tear down furniture with his sharp teeth, and surprise you with wacky behavior. This dazed-looking dude and his very simple story puts you in a good mood. Enjoy his relationship with the puppy and like to see how, despite everything, he is happy to feed him with food of extreme quality.

The hero of GoPro
With its traditional marketing GoPro has done a great job of positioning itself in the world of extreme sports. Snowboarders, people who jump with parachutes, mountain bikers … in general, people united by “courage”. In this case the courage is there, but there is no association with the use of the product. There is a true hero who shows his courage with humility: a firefighter who saves a kitten. There is his satisfaction and also that of the beholder, who cannot fail to emotionally connect, share and remember the brand.

Honoryourdays by Rebook

The third video we chose is the one most similar to a commercial, certainly not trivial on a technical level, but we selected it to emphasize the power of the message. It is about Rebook and there is sport, especially running. But it is a compelling retroactive journey of a female figure full of energy. On average a human being stays on earth for 25,915 days and this woman competes in many different contexts, first in old age and then gradually until she becomes a little girl.

Time is limited and this is above all an invitation to honor your body. Rhythm, focus, effective images, grit, tenacity, determination. Obviously, to do this,according to Animation Video Maker it is necessary to have a sports equipment that is up to par throughout the course of life. At the end of the video there is even a call to action that redirects to a mini-site where you can share photos and contribute with UGC in order to show, juxtaposed, how each of us is honoring our bodies.

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