How to Create your Logo with DesignCap

In the past, the logo that represented a business was not taken into account; it was not part of the company’s strategy as well.

Today, the logo is one of the fundamental pieces of the brand strategy. It is what makes customers know and remember your brand. You should know that the logo represents you, identifies you and keeps you in the mind of your potential clients.

For that reason, you should take care of your logo design. You have to create a planning and integration of what you want to convey. However, before you are going to get a logo, something you should start your research.

Keep reading and discover how to do it.

What is a logo for?

Have you heard of branding? It is all that involves the process of creating a brand. It is the identity of your company, from the design of the logo and the corporate image to the construction of the entire global strategy that you will carry out to provide identity to a brand.

A logo reflects brand values through its design (shapes, colors and fonts). The goal is to inspire security and recognition. If you manage to differentiate yourself from the competition, the logo will have fulfilled its function and you will get benefits. Otherwise, it will give a sense of seriousness.

The logo can be used to communicate your values, identify yourself and position yourself in the market.

Does your brand have a clear name?

The naming of your brand must be clear and has to create a desire for what you offer.

The name of the business is fundamental; it is one of the first things that customers perceive and will influence their first impression.

Finding the best name is not an easy task, but getting the right name will help you generate benefits.

The combination of the name and the logo is your introduction letter. Besides, it is the key point of your company when communicating with your users or customers.

Here are some marketing tips for choosing your naming:

  • Define what you want to communicate.
  • Create a brainstorm.
  • Discard and find the appropriate one.
  • It should sound right out loud.
  • Use a name that has meaning.
  • Select short and appropriate words.
  • Stay with the most shocking.
  • Make sure you can register it.
  • Create a slogan or claim that accompanies your name.
  • Previous analysis of your business

The logo design should be focused on the brand from the beginning, so you save time and avoid later problems.

For everything to go well, you must plan from the beginning and you must take into account what the owner of the company wants, needs and how you will approach it.

Some information you should know are:

The specificity of the company, such as naming, values, seniority and sector among others.

The target of the company, what is your target audience, what means are used, etc.

The current logo and corporate identity, how it is, how they use it, what it represents …

Preferences on the style, colors, fonts, tone, etc.

Budget and conditions, how many proposals, how much time, etc.

Features that every logo should have

Now that you are aware of the importance of a logo and what it has to represent, you should also know the basic principles that you should keep in mind.

A well-designed logo must meet the following requirements:

  • Readable to all sizes.
  • Be scalable to any required size.
  • Distinguishable in different shades and colors.
  • Be memorable.

How is your logo going to be?

Designing a logo requires a process, which every designer must follow to find a successful design.

Even so, here are some tips for designing your logo.


Having clear the history of your brand, you must write down all the designs that occur to you related to your sector. Do not discard anything. Everything can be useful.

All the designs you make must follow a golden rule, “less is more” that can then evolve and create something original. Accompany them with colors that are a trend in your niche and make you stand out from the competition.


Choosing the color or colors of your logo is a crucial point. But in addition, you must have several color options to be able to use them in backgrounds of all colors.

Remember that sometimes combinations of many colors can be a success or an error according to the design, but they always have to be a predominant color that associates it with the brand.


After having passed the sketches chosen to vector format, look for the typography. It must fit the design and convey the same values.

Now that you are aware of the importance of a logo and what it has to represent. So you may want to create a logo for your brand, and here this post shows you an easy way of creating a logo for your brand without installing any program.

DesignCap is a web service designed to create logos, posters, etc. effortlessly with browsers.

Probably the graphic designers will feel a small stab at the height of the liver before the proliferation of these “do it yourself” services. But the reality is that both DesignCap and other similar websites can be an invaluable help to carry out urgent and quickly.

DesignCap offers everything you need to quickly create diverse graphic formats: posters, billboards, cards, infographics, graphics for social networks, etc.

It also offers the possibility of adding new pre-designed text blocks or incorporating different blocks to reach the design we need.

So as you know this tool, well, it is a template-drove service, you can quickly customize upon the template. Is this kind of tool will help you when you need to get your logo for your brand, website or blog?

Final Thoughts

As you may have seen before, creating a logo is not an easy task and that is why it is better to leave it in the hands of professionals and create something shocking. This way you will be able to give a proper personality to your corporate image.

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