How To EnjoyAn All-Inclusive Dental Vacation In Costa Rica

Medical tourism is a growing industry across the globe. This gives people with medical issues like dental problems to an opportunity to seek medical assistance in other countries. With this, you have an opportunity to select an exotic location like Costa Rica for your medical care. This allows enjoying world-class medical service while basking in the beautiful scenery. This country receives thousands of people on dental vacations for its world-class dental industry.

Understand industry guidelines

Qualified dentists in Costa Rica are registered by the College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica or Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica. When booking your dental vacation, visit the official website to check the list of general dentists and related industry specialists authorized to practice. Here, you should also take a look at some of the dentists who are suspended. This site is in Spanish but you can translate it in your web browser.

The college sets the minimum cost for dental services for each treatment. Any dentist charging below the minimum rates is a scammer. To check the industry rates on the website, navigate to the Department tab to Prosecutor to Minimum Rates. Reputable dentists are accredited by international bodies including Joint Commission International. This certifies that the dentist meets industry training and equipment standards to increase the chances of satisfaction.

What to expecton an all-inclusive Costa Rica dental vacation

More bangs for your buck

Travel to Costa Rica for a dental procedure comes with an opportunity to explore the immense natural beauty of this country. Opting for Costaricaroyale premier dental care allows enjoying world-class dental services at affordable prices. You have an opportunity to explore the dense rainforests, relax in a hot spring, or lounge along a beach in Jaco. The country has the most diverse biodiversity in the world with endless opportunities for spotting monkeys hanging from trees.

Limited waiting time

There is minimal time to wait for medical procedures in Costa Rica. Arranging a procedure that fits your schedule is so easy without waiting for several months. Dentists here are flexible and can adjust their schedules to cater to your dental needs. Your booking agency should conveniently assist you get a matching schedule to see a reputable dentist.

Friendly environment

The country has world-class recovery facilities and spas for medical travelers with a backdrop of natural and cultural attractions. This offers a supportive and comfortable environment for quick recovery after your procedure. An all-inclusive dental vacation package might come with meals, access to massage parlors, and 24-hour nursing services. The Ticos are friendly and approachable while showing you around their beautiful country. You can even pick a few Spanish phrases speaking with the locals.

Common dental procedures to have in Costa Rica

Dental implants

When missing some teeth, dental implants offer a permanent solution. However, this procedure might be out of your league in your country. Having a dental implant procedure in Costa Rica saves a considerable amount of money. Fixing the implants might take two or three visits to the dentist over some months. Work with a reputable booking agent to get you a qualified prosthodontist with appropriate training and experience in handling dental restorations and replacements.


When not happy about how your teeth look, getting veneers is a wonderful idea. These are thin covers placed on your teeth to make it look better. The cost of getting veneers in Costa Rica depends on material and type. Composite veneers are more affordable compared to porcelain. Luckily, discussing with your dentist will allow determining what is best for you.

Other dental treatments

You can travel to Costa Rica for dental crowns and save some dollars. A crown is necessary after a root canal to preserve your tooth in the best way possible. It will take you a day or two to get this procedure done unlike in the UK where it takes weeks. Dentists usually order dental prostheses from overseas labs but you can get one in Costa Rica using 3D printing technology to create your crown shortly. Smile makeovers and laser teeth whitening are other dental procedures you can get in Costa Rica.

Why dental implant services are affordable in Costa Rica

Dental tourism is a highly competitive market globally and dentists have to stay ahead of their game. This is through offering world-class services without compromising hygiene and care. Fortunately, the costs of dental services in Costa Rica are affordable but at par with international standards. This is because of low wages, rental buildings, taxes, and related overheads.

The dentists in Costa Rica forward the savings to customers. It is no wonder that you are likely to find a dental clinic in Costa Rica with similar cutting edge technology and appropriate equipment like that in top-notch dental clinics in the USA or UK.

Bottom line

Costa Rica boasts of immense natural beauty. This country also has a thriving medical industry including world-class dental services. When having dental problems, booking a dental vacation is a great idea to enjoy top-notch services without breaking the bank.

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