How to Fix QuickBooks Error H505


A QuickBooks customer can encounter QuickBooks Error H505 when the individual being referred to tries to change from single-customer mode into QuickBooks Support multi-customer mode. The occasion of this botch suggests that QuickBooks in multi-customer mode can’t interface with the server. 

In case QuickBooks Error Code H505 appears on the screen, it may be in light of the fact that in any event one of the customers’ Desktops is set to be the QuickBooks Error code. The customers’ Desktops can work in multi-customer mode, yet simply the server, for instance, Desktop encouraging the association reports, should be the fundamental machine masterminded to go about as the host.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error H505

Different components can prompt QuickBooks H505 Error – 

  • .ND record is harmed or off base. Without a utilitarian.ND document, QuickBooks can’t get to the records on a system. 
  • Facilitating has not been arranged appropriately. 
  • The server doesn’t need to have mode turned on. 
  • Correspondence among QuickBooks and server isn’t occurring on account of ill-advised firewall settings. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H505 

  • When QuickBooks Error Code H505 happens, a client can get the accompanying side effects – 
  • A multi-client mode can’t be utilized. 
  • The client neglects to open the QuickBooks organization document put away on the server. 
  • QuickBooks program window gets smashed. 
  • A workstation or Desktop crashes over and over. 

Solution for fix QuickBooks Error H505 

To fix QuickBooks H505 Error, you can attempt the arrangements that are given here below 


  • The facilitating mode ought to be off on the clients’ Desktops and turned on the server. 
  • As a matter of first importance, you need to open QB on the entirety of the clients’ Desktops that are demonstrating a error H505. 
  • Explore the QuickBooks menu and snap on the File menu. 
  • Pick Utilities under the File menu. 
  • Presently, search for an alternative with the name – Host Multi-User Access. On the off chance that it is there, don’t pick it. This implies this specific Desktop isn’t prompting any issue. You can just go to the following Desktop. 
  • On the off chance that you see an alternative with the name – Stop Hosting Multi-User Access – pick it. 
  • The above-given advances are to be rehashed on the entirety of the clients’ Desktops or workstations that are getting this error. 
  • After you have secured the entirety of the clients’ Desktops, go to the server Desktop. 
  • Explore to QB menu and snap on the File menu. 
  • Pick Utilities under the File menu. 
  • On the off chance that you see an alternative with the name – Host Multi-User Access – pick it. In the event that on the off chance that, you see an alternative with the name – Stop Hosting Multi-User Access – don’t pick it.

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  • Firewall settings are to be designed to permit special cases. 
  • Go to the Start button on the screen and snap it. 
  • Search for the Firewall Settings and open it. 
  • After this, pick the Add Program. 
  • Presently, you are required to place into the rundown of special cases – QuickBooks 
  • Finally, restart your machine with the goal that the progressions that you have made get applied. 
  • It’s just plain obvious if QuickBooks Error H505 is happening or not.

Solution 3:- 

  • You need to confirm that QuickBooks administrations are running.
  • From the bat right, open the Run Discourse box.
  • In the content field of the run box, enter services.MSC and press Enter.
  • Similarly, tasks can be opened through a manager. Task Manager – You need to press these keys simultaneously in Windows 10 to open Ctrl, Shift and Esc keys.
  • Search for Open Services and snap to open it.
  • Look for QuickbooksDB Administration in the Name section.
  • Then snap twice in the name of the administration.
  • Choose from the runt showing the properties.
  •  In the event that the administration is halted, start it by utilizing the Start button. 
  • Go to the Recovery tab. 
  • Under the First disappointment choice, you need to choose to Restart the Service. For these two choices likewise – Second Failure and Subsequent disappointments – Restart the Service is to be chosen. 


  • This arrangement includes opening the system ports that are utilized by QB for sending and getting information. 
  • Presently, open Windows Firewall. 
  • Search for the Advanced settings and pick them. 
  • On the left, go to Inbound Rules and do right-tap on it. 
  • Select the port in the standard kind. 
  • Pick TCP and explicit close by ports. Right now, you have to incorporate significant QuickBooks ports. 
  • So as to finish the above development, select the following catch. 
  • In the window that shows up, you have to take the choice – Allow Association – from the choices given there. 
  • Pick Next and now pick the framework type to apply this standard. If there ought to be trade of the framework emerging there, at that point continue checking all the choices. 
  • Give the standard a name after that snap on the completion button. 
  • Resume the instrument referenced above for outbound guidelines. 
  • Check on the off chance that you are presently encountering QuickBooks error H505. 

Solution5: – 

  • This game plan includes changing the record of Windows. 
  • Open the sudden spike in demand for the server. 
  • At present, open the order brief by making cmd in the run window. 
  • Note a paper or material Record the Desktop name and IP address for all workstations and hosts. 
  • Mood killer QB and go to this Desktop. By then open C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ Etc or C: \ Windows \ Syswow64 \ Drivers \ Cc 
  • Right now, open Hosts records with Notepad. 
  • At the present time, we have to enter the Desktop names and IP addresses referenced before. Do whatever it takes not to utilize the space bar, in any case, utilize the tab key to isolate the IP address and the Desktop name. 

After you complete the above advances, apply the progressions and check for QuickBooks Error H505. By applying the above arrangement, you need the choice to fix QuickBooks Error Code H505.

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