How to help your child bond with preschool teachers?

As you must already be aware, preschool is a challenging period and a wholly new phase in a child’s life. He is exposed to new people and unknown faces every day during school hours. It is only after some time that your preschooler gets adjusted to his new teachers, peers and the surroundings. Parents and teachers should give sufficient time to the child so that they can feel loved and also can feel secure at the playschool. Still, there are few things left that you can do as parents to help your child create a bond with the preschool teachers. Read ahead in the article to know more about, how the teachers teach at playschools in Kolkata and how your child can form a strong connection with teachers and others as well at preschool.


Educate your child about the teacher’s efforts. 

The parent must teach their child to respect his teachers at playschools in Kolkata. The child is unknown to all the efforts that the teacher puts each day to make his experience at school extremely happy and worthwhile. As parents, you must recognize and acknowledge these endeavors. When the child comes home from school, the parent should take out time to have a talk with their child about the activities done at school and slowly try to give good inputs about his teachers how much his teachers love him. A child craves for love and care. They instantly draw towards attention towards such people who give immense affection. This is the first step to help your child to love his teachers and create a deep bond between them.

You must focus on your child’s manners. 

Parents should pay extra attention to how the child is behaving, once he starts attending the top play schools in Kolkata. Most parents often ignore the importance of good manners as they feel he is very small to understand these things, but no, this is the age where a child understand every possible thing. Parents should teach their children basic manners, such as greeting everyone in the morning, expressing gratitude to others, apologizing when did a mistake, and thanking those who help in any work. These little gestures will help him form a strong bond with not only his teachers but everyone around him. Humanity is one of the biggest lessons that you can teach your child which will give him lots of confidence and encouragement.

Please keep a check if he knows who his teachers are. 

Last but not the least, parents must ensure that they go and receive their children from their playschool every day. They should frequently ask their child the names of his teachers so that you get an idea of whether he recognizes his teachers or not. So many new faces can be quite confusing for the child, and this may be scary for him as being a child he is not so open to all the people around him. Parents should help their children to get comfortable with his teachers at playschools in KolkataHelping your child during the initial period of schooling can be of great help to him and his teachers. These regular updates will help you and teachers to be updated with your child’s thoughts and day to day activities.

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