How to know if someone spy on your Windows computer?


Hacking/online attack on the system badly affects not only your device but also your sensitive data. Hacker attacks systems through hardware, software, and the internet. Besides that, there are miscellaneous malicious sites that harm your system. Dangerous viruses and keyloggers leave into your system and track your every activity performed on your PC.

Sometimes, your bank account details or secret accounts are also get hacked by hackers, and they misuse it. To be vigilant and active is the need for this digital era. You can use the latest technology to protect your secret data whether you perform offline or online.

Here, we will help you find the right way to protect your PC from predators/hackers. TheOneSpy is the best windows spying software that detects if anyone tries to spy on your PC.

Reasons for Spying

First, find out the reasons anyone spies on your system.

If you are working as a faithful employee in a reputable company, and you have a better image outside, so competitors can attack your system to get your company secrets.

Sometimes, you are socially so open and have huge connections, so jealous people try to steal your information or delete your important data.

May your kid post their bold or sexy photos on their Instagram/ Snapchat/Facebook and a predator attack such accounts to get their all photos and then they use it by threatening them.

Besides that, hackers also hack other PCs to get access to someone’s official files, secret account passwords, family photos, or any business important files, etc.

TheOneSpy Advance Windows Monitoring Software

Let’s talk about the most advanced spying tool of this era, which is TheOneSpy. A Mobile spy app is application software that facilitates millions of users in the world. Its powerful tools and reliable functions bring full confidence to any user.

TOS’s purpose is to provide protection. It protects your important data by making it secure on its cloud account. If a user lost their data, so the users can log in with TOS from any device and easily get their data back. It also empowers the users to track their device as well, in case it gets lost.

TOS Monitoring Features

Here, we discuss some major features of TOS that efficiently work to provide real-time information. If you face any disturbance and if you are in doubt, that anyone is hacking on your PC, so you can use these most innovative surveillance tools.

Screen Recorder

You can monitor all screen activities to know what the intentions of the hacker are. You can track which functions the hacker usually performs and the information they copy, etc.

Social media account Tracker

It will help you track what function the hacker performs on your social accounts. You can also change your passwords instantly to protect your account.

E-mail Tracker

It will help you monitor all incoming and outgoing mails. Like, if a hacker tries to send secret data from your device to another by mailing, so you can instantly prevent them.

Things you can do by Your Own

Most dangerous programs are used to hack your secret information. During hacking, maybe others just want to hack your data and by mistake sudden, your data get removed, it will be your huge loss.

You can take some steps by own to secure the device.

Inserted chip

Sometimes when you go to fix any of your computer issues, so predator insert any chip on the back of PC. This tiny device spy on your keyloggers and location.

Running Programs

In “Processes” you can view all running programs into your PC. If you find any new name or attention taking the name, you can search it on the internet to ensure it’s not spying on you.

Secure your PC system

To provide solid protection to your PC, you need to install a strong antivirus program into your PC. It protects hacker access to your PC.


It turns out that with such amazing windows spying software, you can prevent predators and protect your data from hackers. TOS advance spying features aware of upcoming threats and enables the user to save their system.

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