How to measure returns on human resources investment?

In today’s global business environment, human capital is an organization’s largest investment. Properly implemented HCM (Human Capital Management) technology solutions can not only streamline HR processes, but also save your company time and money, thereby ensuring a better ROI.

At Mercans, our Human Capital Management services focus on tracking the entire employee lifecycle, while helping you to build an optimal workforce by taking care of a variety of transactional functions such as payroll management, benefits enrollment, attendance tracking etc.

Human Capital Management Solutions
What sets our Human Capital Management System apart from other services is our approach to employee staffing, wherein we perceive your human capital as an asset whose future value can be further enhanced through investments in time and technology. Our service offerings for HCM include –

Payroll Processing
Our human capital management solutions ensure a comprehensive and simple way of handling payroll processing. At every step of payroll processing, we guarantee complete data security, confidentiality, service quality and compliance to all country-specific rules and regulations. Some of the features of our payroll services for HCM include –

  • Better tracking and auditing by consolidating systems and data
  • Ability to track part-time and full-time employee status
  • Managing cash flow and ensuring compliance, especially for a small business
  • Reduction in effort, time, and money spent on payroll administration

Core HR
Our HCM services for enterprise allow you to leverage our processes and technology to transform human resource management from an administrative function to an essential part of your business. Our proven processes can not only streamline Core HR activity, but also automate online HRMs , thereby freeing up resources to focus on other strategic areas of your business. Salient features of our Human Capital Management services for Human Resource Management include –

  • Managing employee records
  • Absence tracking
  • Salary administration and planning
  • Recruitment Management
  • Reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency by moving essentials to servers or cloud

Talent Management
Our talent management solutions ensure you are able to recruit and build your employee workforce while simultaneously reducing costs and other administrative burden. Some of the features of our talent management services include –

  • Streamlined recruitment process to improve candidate satisfaction and strengthen employment brand
  • Highly effective screening and selection tools and procedures
  • Regular training of workforce through efficient learning management practices
    Compensation management to ensure your best people always remain with you

Employee Engagement
Employees who are committed to the company’s vision help to drive better business results. Our employee engagement services for HCM ensure an environment where employee talent is aligned perfectly with your business strategy, allowing for better employee communication and empowerment. Our services include –

  • Maintaining competency profiles for all employees
  • Setting up and administering training courses
  • Workforce planning, Career planning, and Succession planning modulesBenefits of Outsourcing Human Capital Management¬†
    At its very core, our Human capital management system facilitates engagement and drives accountability for both managers and employees. By combining our experience and capabilities in global delivery, infrastructure, and technological excellence, we can provide the following value-added benefits for your business –
  • Ability to recruit, nurture and retain talented employees in a streamlined and easy manner
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction rates and improved workforce management
    Multiple delivery centers ensuring rapid scalability
  • Streamlined employee payroll and compensation process
  • Ability to free up HR professionals for achieving strategic business goals
  • Dedicated project managers ensuring single point of accountability
  • Cost-effective HCM solutions ensuring improved efficiency
  • Proven solutions without compromising data integrity or functionality

Make Mercans your choice for Human Capital Management Solutions
We understand that pursuing a company-wide HCM strategy takes an enormous investment of time and resources. That is where our efficient processes and usage of the best human capital management software ensure a short and easy deployment cycle without adversely affecting business outcomes. Be it a small business or a large-scale global organization, our HCM processes have not only enabled them to save time and divert resources towards company goals, but also increase their ROI.

Contact us now and outsource human capital management to a globally renowned and experienced RPO service provider.

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