How To Play More Than 4 Player in PUBG Mobile Game | Play with 8 Players

Can we play PUBG with more than 4 friends?

You don’t have to play PUBG Mobile with your 4 friends only, you can invite your up to 100 friends, send them to chat messages, and take on other teams for all the glory!

I have yo write this post because most of the PUBG players still don’t know how to play PUBG with friends, not with fronts. Yes, you heard absolutely right, in the latest version of PUG mobile you can play with 4 or 8 friends or can say with 2 squads team.

Have you ever want to check out who is better than you in PUBG, or which 2 of your know team is better in PUGG mobile. So its time to challenge your friends’ team to play PUBG against you by following the below steps. Without talking a lot lets know how can we play PUBG mobile with more than 4 players in the same match.

How To Play Against Your Friends in PUBG Mobile
How can 6 players play together on PUBG mobile?
How to add 6 players in a team in PUBG mobile’s new updated
How many people can play Pubg together?
Can we Play PUBG with more than 4 friends?
How can 8 players play together in PUBG mobile?

Here is the step by step guide to play PUBG with as many as friends you can.

First steps to play PUBG with more than 4 play join the Clan. I am assuming you a PUBG champ, so you are already aware of Clan word in PUBG mobile

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The second step is you can create own custom room for your friends. By creating a room, you can arrange a match. You can invite your friends to join the room or your friends can join the room by searching for the unique room ID.

6 players in PUBG

Trick to get more than 4 friends on same 8 man squad for a weekend event (50% success rate)

Last night I and my six friends were able to get on the same 8 man squad 5 times (with two chicky dinners) by splitting into two squads and having the last person on each squad ready up at the same time (we just audibly counted it down in discord). We only had to back out to lobby and retry 4 times throughout the entire night so this seems like pretty reliable meth.

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Day 2 nd attempt

We tried this with 7 people last night. Worked 1/7 times. We must be bad at counting. The 7th time we just all dropped the same spot and had a fistfight.

How to accept a friend request in PUBG Mobile

  1. Run PUBG Mobile from your App Drawer.
  2. Tap the friend’s icon from left corner.
  3. Tap Request.
  4. All Done
  5. Tap Accept.

    Can I play PUBG Mobile cross-platform multi-player?

    The answer is, I Don’t know. I didn’t try this till now! will update in future definitely

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How do I play in Duo or Squad modes?

You can play in that mode by

1) From the lobby screen, click on ‘Search Player’.
– If your steam friend is online, click ‘Invite’.
– If not, go to step number 2.
2) Type down the nickname of the player you wish to play with.
3) Place the mouse over the nickname and click ‘Invite’.
4) If the invitation is accepted, a Duo or Squad is created.

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