How to prepare for UPSC IAS 2021 in last 5 months?

UPSC has announced its examination calendar for the year 2021. The Civil Services Examination 2021 is supposed to be held on June 27, 2021. The notification will be released early this year. For more details of UPSC CSE exam pattern, eligibility, date and notification follow the Best IAS Academy in Bangalore. As the month of January has commenced, the aspirants are left with 5 months for the preparation of UPSC IAS. In that case a right strategy and a precise planning can still help in sailing through the examination.

The syllabus of UPSC CSE is very vast and it typically takes around one to one and a half year for a beginner to cover the entire syllabus. The daily newspaper and monthly current affairs included. In that case what approach one should follow in the last 5 months? The very article has tried to answer it for the readers. The Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore offer various crash courses and marathon series for the aspirants. Basically in the last months you face a time crunch. It is not possible for candidates to pick up a book and read everything. You must cherry pick and you must learn to focus on the most probable topics. Crash courses help you do that.

While assuming that you have some idea regarding the syllabus of examination, let us proceed. If not then our experts from the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore have broadly explained the entire syllabus of UPSC CSE. They have also jotted out the most tapped areas in the UPSC examination. It ct shorts the time, energy and efforts of aspirants and help them to head start their preparation.

The UPSC CSE preparation can be processed in the following steps.

  1. Past Year Papers: As you are running short of time, the only good way to get yourself acquainted with the basic of UPSC examination is previous year papers. The enthusiastic tutors from the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore have analyzed the past year papers in their introductory videos. Solve the question papers of last 5 years and note down the repeated topics in the first 10 days.
  2. Go through NCERTs: Flip through the NCERT summaries of at least five core subjects in the next 20-25 days. Not necessarily all the NCERTs, you do not have that much time. But do not skip geography, science, economy, polity and history. The brief NCERT summaries are fetched by the Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka for the aspirants. 
  3. Current affairs: After you are done with NCERTs, you will have a doable understanding of the static syllabus. Your concepts will get brushed up and you must supplement that knowledge with the current affairs. Now in the last few months, it is an impossible task to cover the current affairs of entire year. That is why; the team of Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore ha prepared the set of most important current affairs for the aspirants. You can find the same in their website.
  4. Take up advanced books: While side by side you should also start reading the important topics from advanced books. You can switch of video lectures instead of going through the entire because you do not have enough time. The experts from the top ranked UPSC Coaching Classes in Bangalore have offered the same. Current affairs plus advanced books for the next two month will pretty much cover justifiable part of your syllabus. 
  5. Test series: It cannot be stressed upon enough that how important solving MCQs are for the first stage of UPSC examination. It would be a wise decision to join a test series in the last two months. One among the best Civil Services Coaching in Bangalore has introduced an integrated test series of the aspirants. 
  6. Revision: revision is the key. Do not read anything in the last two months. You only need to solve the test series and revise. Religiously for two months. Test series can help you master question solving techniques and time management. The only two things that are going to give you an advantage on the final day. The revision lecture series given by the most renowned IAS Coaching Centers in Bangalore will be of great help.

The above study plan is only for the students who are determined to clear the UPSC examination at cost. It will demand 10-12 hours of everyday for 5 months to compensate for the late start. Remember if your concepts are clear, you will be able to make intelligent guesses in the examination. It’s a fact that nobody is going to remember everything; it is only the good analytics and the conceptual knowledge that will help you in the examination.

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