How to remain safe from getting scammed by movers?

Moving scams are for real, every other day there are reports from inaccurate billings to theft, no risk coverage to charging extra and missing the moving deadlines, etc. And if you are moving your household stuff specifically on a part basis, then it is very essential to take the required precautionary measures while hiring the best movers and packers. Even if the percentage of fraud is low, it’s better not to be a part of such a small percentage too. If you are planning your home relocation and you are not sure of the ways to avoid and save yourself from getting scammed, then here is the post worth checking as it will help you to know the tactics that will secure you from falling prey to a moving service provider.

Overbilling- This is one of the most common scams because, in the end, it’s always about the cost spent. They will begin with fewer prices and then they will increase the rates quoted by them in the beginning. Thus, whenever, you are considering or bargaining with moving professionals to shift your home, office, vehicle, etc, don’t just fall for the lowest price.

That does not mean that you have no right to reduce the prices, but you should keep an eye on and observe what exactly you have charged for.

The rogue moving companies will provide you with an estimate, and once you have appointed them, they will provide and submit the invoice with distinctive rates. You should get a detailed quotation with the entire moving costs mentioned. You will not have the final price until you have inspected everything beforehand.

Demanding to pay more- The scam is similar to overbilling, but usually, the spurious moving companies often charge you more for unloading, or by making irrelevant excuses. In the beginning, they will quote extremely low so that you appoint them, and once the goods are packed, they start horrifying you with the excuses.

Delayed delivery of goods- Delaying delivery for a day or two is fine because there may be some issues that might be unavoidable in the transit. The reason is that nobody has control over traffic or some unexpected route diversion. But delaying the delivery for weeks or months is generally not acceptable. So, make sure to ask clear questions about the route they are preferring, the real date of delivery, the amount of payment to be made after delivery, etc. Thus, it is better to finalize the exact date of packing, during the transit period and delivery date and all these should be in writing.

Damage or theft- Partial theft and damage is another major issue that you may suffer through while relocating. This happens in case of shared shifting, and by mistake. Whatever the reason is, you must insist on getting an exact packing list made and duly signed before allowing them to load your stuff inside their vehicle. Make sure that the boxes are packed properly and avoid signing the delivery list without matching it with the packing list.

No risk coverage- Insurance is crucial and mandatory. But at times, even after charging you for the insurance, the packers and movers might not insure your goods because their aim is just to charge for the service and keep money with you. But remember, they have just taken the money, but they are not going to cover the risk associated with your goods during transit, so cross-check to make sure that your goods are actually secured against all the risks. Focus on the insurance payment proofs documents or secure the proofs that the actual insurance is done before handing over your consignment.

Wrong phone numbers- One of the extremely unusual things to note down, but this can be crucial. Normally, the moving company who is just an individual may provide you with the invoices but there no surety that the contact numbers provided may not be functional. And now imagine, if you are waiting for an update, the mover will stop receiving your phone calls and you don’t have any valid contact number to reach out to them. Hence it is recommended to always work with companies that are reliable. Ask for the alternate phone number of the manager, owner, etc and speak to each of them to make sure that you have multiple contact numbers to speak with during an emergency.

Not showing up on the date of move- Again a very common tactic that a fraudster plays while packing and moving goods is not showing up on the date of the move. These unprofessional movers will schedule a date for packing, at a very low price. But once they have got some other consignment to deliver that too at a higher price, they wouldn’t show up on the decided date of the move.

Therefore, the effective way to avoid this type of strategy by movers is to have a clear discussion, give them a moving reminder at least a day before or two, and always have a backup plan framed with you. When you have another plan backed up in your mind then you can easily switch to the next best moving professional, and that’s why it is advisable to check the price quotations on several movers so you can have the best option.

Low-quality packing material- This is also one of the most common tricks that the fraud movers use. They will charge you less but compromise on the quality of packing supplies used. They pack the stuff casually, imagining that once the goods are loaded in the vehicle, their responsibility finishes off. And by compromising with quality, they easily save some pennies, which might cause you much later.

If you want to avoid such moving scams, you better discuss the packing quality along with the supplies that will be used, and also examine whether they are packing the goods properly or not.

Inappropriate certification- If the movers and packers reach you professionally, that does not mean they have all the registration and appropriate license to operate the packing and moving business. There are many who work on visiting cards and pamphlets. Be at a safe distance from such companies, because you never know, if they are going to be there in the packing and moving business for real.

Happy Moving!

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