How to Retain The Customers of a Hotel

Among the goals of each hotelier is to retain their customers. Here’s how to do it best.

In the world of hotels, the value of a regular customer cannot be underestimated. According to numerous studies, getting a new customer costs five to eight times more than maintaining an existing one.

Developing a customer retention strategy can therefore earn a huge amount of long-term revenue. In addition to bringing with it a series of advantages such as:

  • Developing a loyal and profitable customer base
  • The reduction of guest acquisition costs
  • The creation of a strong network of promoters
  • Encouraging direct bookings in order to reduce commissions

In an increasingly complicated environment – between offers of non-traditional accommodation, increased competition and feedback and online reviews – it is difficult for hotels to differentiate their offers, and to develop a customer loyalty strategy that will return their guests. However, there are some steps to be followed to create a reliable and effective system. Let’s see them together.

Evaluate old Hotel reservations

It is fundamental to give importance to “old” customers exactly as to new ones, although the same criteria may not necessarily be applied.

For example, a model based on monetary value and frequency can be used to classify past guests, and thus to develop an awareness strategy based on their behavior and importance. This allows you to distinguish between the guests who arrived at the hotel a month ago or two years ago, among those who spent more, between those who arrive once a year or three.

Once the various types of customers have been identified, it is possible to study an ad hoc strategy to transform guests into excellent brand ambassadors: personalizing their experience and developing a strong relationship first can be the decisive key.

Google My Business, social networks and blogs

Every activity should give importance to Google My Business, social networks and blogs .

After optimizing your site, Google My Business allows you to provide users with all the information related to your hotel, but also to obtain a fundamental online recognition for your business.

Furthermore, when thinking about digital marketing services ideas to retain the customers of your hotel, it is essential to pay close attention to social networks. A well-kept corporate Facebook page and an Instagram account can convey new users or retain their loyal ones. Obviously, in this case too, an important editorial strategy is needed with discussion points, captivating photos and contests capable of rewarding those who follow the page.

Even a corporate blog can make a difference if it offers general articles that – even if related to its own business – are of great interest to the user. For example, suggestions on places to see nearby can be highly appreciated. The blog must be connected to an attractive site, with a rich calendar of events, links to social media, photos from Instagram or an online booking form.

Promote customer interests

After identifying the most interesting customers, it’s time to add value. You must take note of any interests, activities or behaviors shown by the guest during the last stay and use this information to create the right range of action.

There are numerous ways to use this data to increase group business and retain customers. The only limit is one’s creativity.

Understand the reasons behind repeated bookings

If your hotel is very popular with business travelers , it is important to study strategies that make travelers feel less alone, and that make their nights less repetitive or stressful.

Creating environments that “replace” the family or home is challenging, but it offers huge rewards for hotels that manage to do so. Techniques such as personalized greetings from the staff, habits to consider, free coffee at all times, your favorite newspaper in the room or a small library in each room can create a strong bond with the customer.

Reward customers

A loyalty program should ultimately provide value to regular guests and entice them to return to the hotel. Rewarding them with rewards like a free room for one night or a free coffee every morning of their stay can make a difference.

Again, a personalized incentive can be much more motivating and add a more personal touch.

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